Find information to navigate all student, faculty, advisor and alumni academic record keeping including; HomerConnect 9, Degree Works and general system navigation.

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Apply for Degree

Directions on how to apply for graduation using HomerConnect 9 app.

Articulation Agreement - Binghamton University Pharmacy

Articulation agreements between Ithaca College and Binghamton University for the Pharmacy program.

Browse Classes in HomerConnect 9 App

How to navigate to Browse Classes and how to search for classes using HomerConnect 9 App.

Change Hours/Credits on a Variable Credit Course

How to change hours or credits on a variable credit course using HomerConnect 9 app during registration.

Faculty Final Grading Using HomerConnect 9 App

How to submit final grades in Homer Connect 9 Application.

Faculty How To Find Class Rooms, Days & Times

How faculty can check what rooms their classes are in, what days their classes are on and what time they are held.

Faculty Midterm Grading Using HomerConnect 9 App

Faculty Midterm Grading Using HomerConnect 9 App

HomerConnect 9 App Advisee Search Video

How to search for an Advisee using Homer Connect 9 app.

HomerConnect 9 Waitlist Administration Guide

Guide for administrators about Waitlisting.

How New Students Declare an ICC Theme

Where new students go to declare an ICC theme and how to declare it.

How New Students Register for Classes

Where new students should go to register courses and how to register courses.

How to Email a Class List

Instructions on how to email your class list using HomerConnect 9 Apps.

How to Email All of your Advisees

Instructions on how to send emails to your Advisee List using HomerConnect 9 App.

How to Find your Advisee List in Degree Works & HomerConnect 9 App

Where to find your Advisee list in Degree Works and Homer Connect 9 apps.

How to Navigate Student Profile HomerConnect 9 App

How faculty or advisors can navigate the new HomerConnect 9 student profile.

How to Register for Classes

How students can register for classes using the HomerConnect 9 app.

How To View a Class List in HomerConnect 9 App

How to view and navigate class list in HomerConnect 9.

Introduction to DegreeWorks Student Audit

Introduction to viewing and navigating a DegreeWorks student audit.

Introduction to HomerConnect 9 Student Profile

An introductory overview on HomerConnect 9's student profile page.

Ithaca College Seminar (ICSM) Course Search

How to search for Ithaca College Seminar courses using HomerConnect 9 app.

Overview on Browsing Classes using HomerConnect

An overview on viewing and navigating class browsing on HomerConnect.

Prepare for Registration Using HomerConnect 9 App

How students can prepare for registration using HomerConnect 9 App and Degree Works.

Running a Degree Eval for a Student in a Catalog Year Prior to Fall 2015

How to navigate and view a student's degree eval with a catalog year that is prior to Fall 2015.

Student Educational Planner - Additional Features

Using additional features within the Student Educational Planner for DegreeWorks at Ithaca College.

Student Educational Planner - Audit View

Navigate and display the Audit View of Student Educational Planner within Degree Works at Ithaca College.

Student Educational Planner - Create a Blank Plan

Ithaca College Degree Works Student Educational Planner - how to create a plan from a Blank Plan.

Student Educational Planner - Plan from a Template

Ithaca College Degree Works Student Educational Planner - how to create a Plan from a Template.

Student Forms Overview

Overview of what student forms there are and where to find them.

Student Midterm Grades Using HomerConnect 9 App

Student Midterm Grades Using HomerConnect 9 App

Understanding Holds on Student Profile

Shows where Holds are displayed on the student profile page and explains the format of the Hold information.

View Class Schedule in HomerConnect

How to view class schedule in HomerConnect for new students.

Waitlist - How To Guide for HomerConnect 9 App Registration

Find out where to look for waitlist availability, how to sign up for it, if overrides have been approved and how I get notified when a seat becomes available.