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Duo is Ithaca College's multifactor authentication (MFA) tool, which provides more robust security compared to only using a password, and minimizes the chance of unauthorized access to your accounts.
This guide goes through the steps to install, configure, and connect to GlobalProtect VPN for remote access to Ithaca's network.
This guide covers configuration options for Duo, which is Ithaca College's multi-factor authentication (MFA) tool. MFA provides more robust security compared to only using a password, minimizing the chance of unauthorized access to your accounts.
This article covers common questions around the Duo Multi Factor Authentication Service.
Ithaca College provides wireless (Wi-Fi) network coverage to all academic and administrative buildings, all residence halls and many other locations on campus for students, faculty, staff, sponsored affiliates, and guests.
Microsoft Teams is a desktop, mobile, and web-based communication and collaboration platform for Office 365 that brings everything together into a shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files, and work with business applications.
How students can register for classes using the HomerConnect 9 app.
This article explains how to install Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus on Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS.
Performance Reviews will now be completed using the IC HR Cloud platform. This article contains detailed instructions for employees completing self-evaluations in IC HR Cloud.
This article is intended to assist in the installation of Microsoft Office 2016 on Apple macOS.
A virtual private network (VPN) establishes a secure connection between your computer and the VPN server in the internet. This means that no one besides the VPN provider can see your traffic, so you can browse the internet without other people on an unprotected Wifi network or your internet service provider seeing what you do. Ithaca College’s GlobalProtect VPN does not provide all of these features, so this article contains recommendations for 3rd party VPN providers.
Instructions on how to purchase Dell and Apple computers through IC Marketplace. You can also find the hardware specifications of the Technology Renewal Program and recommended peripherals, such as docking stations and adapters, in this article.
Microsoft Outlook is a platform that incorporates a number of functions for ease of access. This article provides basic information about managing someone else's calendar using Microsoft Outlook.
This article provides information for installing and upgrading Microsoft Windows 10.
What you can expect from Ithaca College Information Technology
How students can prepare for registration using HomerConnect 9 App and Degree Works.
This quick guide is for Microsoft Windows 10, one of two default operating systems on Ithaca College computers.
In an effort to encourage sustainability and reduce wasteful printing, Ithaca College implemented a print management program in the library and all student computer labs. Prior to this program, 20% of paper printed at these locations was immediately discarded or not claimed. This program controls student printing in all of the on-campus computer labs, including the library.
After an update with a restart, macOS fails to boot and displays an error message saying "macOS could not be installed on your computer."
How to fix the error that does not allow 3rd Party cookies to work in Safari, iOS devices andInternet Explorer.
How to navigate to Browse Classes and how to search for classes using HomerConnect 9 App.
Established scheduling guidelines for performing necessary maintenance on computers, applications and network systems.
This article is intended to assist in the installation of Microsoft Office 2016 on Microsoft Windows.
This article explains how to use the IT Service Portal and how to view and request services, view Knowledge Base articles, view system alerts, view your tickets and find IT contact information.
This guide outlines four steps that you can take to best prepare for the renewal process.