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When purchasing items or paying for services, the requisitioning process in the Procurement module should be used whenever possible. However, you may encounter situations in which an invoice is issued without an associated Purchase Order. (e.g. emergency purchases, parts for last-minute repairs, etc.)

Follow the instructions in this article to process a non-PO invoice.
Invoices FAQ
Fall 2014 Academic Calendar.
Approvals FAQ
Expenses FAQ
Procurement FAQ
Fall 2019 final exam Schdule
This article covers using the Zoom tool in Sakai
To receive a reimbursement or a cash advance electronically, users must first set up a bank account, or designate a default bank account from those that have been set up for direct deposit in IC HR Cloud. Follow the instructions in this article to manage your bank account for payment through the Expenses module.
Fall 2020 Academic Calendar.
Instructions on how to purchase Dell and Apple computers through IC Marketplace. You can also find the hardware specifications of the Technology Renewal Program and recommended peripherals, such as docking stations and adapters, in this article.
Approvals in IC Finance and HR Cloud can be routed automatically by an approver to another employee, either for a specific approval type, or for all approvals during an out-of-office period. Follow the instructions in this article to set up your approvals to be routed to another employee.
If a supplier is not registered in IC Finance Cloud, you will need to submit a request to begin the supplier registration process before ordering from this supplier in Procurement or paying them through the Invoicing system.

This article contains instructions for how to search for a supplier to see if they are registered, and how to submit a supplier registration request.
The Zoom plugin for Microsoft Outlook has been replaced with the Zoom for Outlook add-in. The deprecated Zoom plugin for Microsoft Outlook is not compatible with both Apple macOS Catalina 10.15 and Microsoft Office ProPlus. The following steps will remove the Zoom plug-in and install the Zoom for Outlook add-in.
Spring 2021 Academic Calendar.
Formstack is an application that is used to create web forms for data collection, surveys, and workflows. Formstack features the ability to collect health-related data that may fall under HIPAA requirements, collect online payments, accept file uploads, generate PDF documents based upon form submissions through Formstack Documents, and accept electronic signatures through Adobe Sign and Formstack Sign.
Spend Authorizations are approvals for expenses in IC Finance Cloud. These authorizations must be submitted and approved prior to making any Travel Card, Purchasing Card, or out-of-pocket purchases. Follow the instructions in this article to complete a Spend Authorization.

The approval chain for Spend Authorizations is determined automatically and follow a supervisor hierarchy. Any Spend Authorization over $2,000.00 will be routed to the appropriate area Vice President for approval.
Credit Card charges in IC Finance Cloud will be routed by default to the cardholder. If a cardholder wants to have their card transactions managed by another employee (e.g. a traveler having their transactions updated by a department coordinator), they will need to assign that employee as a delegate.

Follow the instructions in this article to assign a delegate in the Expenses module.
IC Finance Cloud is Ithaca College's streamlined, modern, cloud-based financial software. It is used for all financial functions previously performed in Parnassus, along with external tools including EZ Pay, IC Marketplace, and BudgetPak. This article contains a basic overview of the purpose of this platform and how to navigate within it.
Employees with access to IC Finance Cloud can use the Budgetary Control app to search for balance and transaction information on their general ledger accounts. Follow the instructions in this article to search for your account information.
This is a reference guide outlining the parent subcode categories used for funds checking expense accounts in IC Finance Cloud and listing the individual subcodes in each category.