Recently Modified Articles

This article explains how to forward calls off-campus from a single-line or a multi-line phone.
Steps for removing an IC email account from various mobile devices.
Established scheduling guidelines for performing necessary maintenance on computers, applications and network systems.
This article is a how-to on changing Netpass usernames.
A series of answers to common questions about the new self-service Scantron Remark grading software available to faculty in the Faculty Learning Space (Job 103).
Instructions on how to register student/faculty/staff ID with new Toshiba printers and speed up the login process to the device.
Instructions on how to use new Toshiba printers.
In an effort to encourage sustainability and reduce wasteful printing, Ithaca College implemented a print management program in the library and all student computer labs. Prior to this program, 20% of paper printed at these locations was immediately discarded or not claimed. This program controls student printing in all of the on-campus computer labs, including the library.
Instructions for adding a networked printer on a college-owned Mac computer.
Instructions for adding a networked printer on a college-owned Windows 10 computer.
Article for the general public about lab computers that are affected by the macOS hold for auth error
The Zoom plugin for Microsoft Outlook has been replaced with the Zoom for Outlook add-in. The deprecated Zoom plugin for Microsoft Outlook is not compatible with both Apple macOS Catalina 10.15 and Microsoft Office ProPlus. The following steps will remove the Zoom plug-in and install the Zoom for Outlook add-in.
Microsoft Outlook Calendar is the calendaring and scheduling software used at Ithaca College. It can be accessed with the Outlook desktop and mobile applications, along with Outlook for the Web.
This article lists answers to the most common questions about Canvas settings and guidelines as they apply to Ithaca College
This article explains what cross listing is in the context of Canvas (combining sections into a single course site), effects of cross-listing a course, and how to request if faculty want to proceed.
This article provides additional resources to help use Padlet.
This article covers how to retain course content before sakai site deletion
LinkedIn Learning, the new, provides access to over 10,000 business, technology and creative skills development video courses designed for in-depth instruction and just-in-time microlearning. This article provides an overview and how to login on multiple devices for Ithaca College members.
Certain common items such as copy paper, batteries, hand sanitizer, and face masks are available on campus and should be ordered through the Ithaca College Warehouse. This article includes ordering instructions and a list of items available from the Warehouse.
This guide goes through the steps to install, configure, and connect to GlobalProtect VPN for remote access to Ithaca's network.
This article explains how both students and staff can access Padlet.
Padlet is an easy and intuitive way to share ideas online! It is an online note board that can be used as a collaborative space in a classroom. This article goes into detail on how to use Padlet.