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If a supplier is not registered in IC Finance Cloud, you will need to submit a request to begin the supplier registration process before ordering from this supplier in Procurement or paying them through the Invoicing system.

This article contains instructions for how to search for a supplier to see if they are registered, and how to submit a supplier registration request.
Many of the functions available to users in IC HR Cloud can also be accessed via mobile app on iOS or Android devices. Follow the instructions in this article to download and begin using the mobile app.
This article covers how to retain course content before sakai site deletion
​​​​​​​Microsoft SharePoint is a collaborative platform that integrates with Office 365. It is primarily used to serve as an internal, secure document management and storage system, to create and manage lists, and to share internal communications and events.
Approvals in IC Finance and HR Cloud can be routed automatically by an approver to another employee, either for a specific approval type, or for all approvals during an out-of-office period. Follow the instructions in this article to set up your approvals to be routed to another employee.
Learn how to get started with Zoom, a video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinar service. All Ithaca College students, staff, and faculty have access. The Zoom application is installed in all classrooms and conference spaces and is integrated as a tool in Sakai for meeting functionality with your class or project members.
Account expiration policies upon graduation, retirement, resignation, etc.
Upgrade your Mac to a recent version of macOS to keep your Mac secure and compatible with applications, services and security systems that support versions of macOS up to 2 releases old.
When ordering items in the Procurement module that are not contained within a supplier's catalog, these items must be entered manually and requested via a non-catalog requisition. This article contains instructions for creating requisitions containing non-catalog items.
After ordering items using the Procurement module in IC Finance Cloud, all items must be received in order to allow for payment to the supplier to be processed. Follow the instructions in this article to receive purchased items, to make corrections to a receipt, or to return a receipt.
IC Finance Cloud users can initiate purchases with our most commonly used suppliers (e.g. Staples or Amazon) through a version of a supplier's website built for use in the cloud platform, known as a punchout catalog.

Follow the instructions in this article to create a requisition (an internal request for a purchase) using a punchout catalog, and to reassign the requisition to be submitted for final approval.
It is strongly recommended that IC Finance Cloud users set up a default delivery location before creating requisitions for the first time. While setting up your location, you can also set up frequently used GL accounts to be easily accessible when creating requisitions. Follow the instructions in this article to set up your default location and favorite charge accounts.
Completing or Updating your Skills and Qualification profile
Invoices FAQ
When making a payment or reimbursement to a student, the account coding process must be used. Prior to making a payment to a student, that student must be an existing supplier, or be registered as a new supplier via the new supplier registration process.

Follow the instructions in this article to make a payment to a student.
Journal entries are used to move existing transactions between accounts in the General Ledger. Some financial users have the ability to view and create their own journal entries in IC Finance Cloud. This article contains instructions on how to look up and create journal entries.
Budget transfers are used to move budgeted funds between general ledger accounts. This article contains instructions on how to initiate budget transfers in IC Finance Cloud.
This is a reference guide outlining the parent subcode categories used for funds checking expense accounts in IC Finance Cloud and listing the individual subcodes in each category.
Account numbers in IC Finance Cloud are 28 digits long, and consist of 10 account segments. This article provides information on each of these segments, and how they are used to define each account number in the General Ledger.
Employees with access to IC Finance Cloud can use the Budgetary Control app to search for balance and transaction information on their general ledger accounts. Follow the instructions in this article to search for your account information.
Expenses FAQ
Cash Advances associated with travel can be requested using the Expense Module. This article contains instructions on how to submit a Cash Advance request.