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This guide outlines four steps that you can take to best prepare for the renewal process.
This article shows how to connect to shared folders on the aparkfs01 file server.
Access aparkfs01 folders from a Mac
This article provide information on whom to contact if you are trying to access Canvas and you are not registered as an IC student.
This article provides information for a non-IC student, faculty, or staff member to request a Guest Account in Canvas for an Ithaca College Affiliate member.
This article covers how to retain course content before sakai site deletion
Microsoft Bookings is an online scheduling tool that allows clients to book appointments with individuals, departments, units, and organizations.
This article provides information on the third party media hosting platform, Kaltura, integrates with the learning management system, Canvas.
IC HR Cloud is used to update and access your personal information, search the employee directory, and access your compensation info. Eventually, IC HR Cloud will be used for several other purposes including, but not limited to, timecards, pay slips, benefits, and all other functions currently found in Parnassus for HR.
Canvas supports an LTI integration with Microsoft OneDrive and allows instructors to use, create, share, and collaborate on Office 365 files within Canvas. Instructors have 1 TB of storage space available within OneDrive.
Canvas allows students to use, create, share, and collaborate on Office 365 files within Canvas through Microsoft OneDrive and Canvas' File feature. Students have 1 TB of storage space available within OneDrive and 2 GB of storage within Canvas.
NoMAD is a menu bar utility that keeps the password for your college owned Mac in sync with your Netpass account.
Information about the software stored on Ithaca College owned computers.
This article explains key features in a OneNote Class Notebook that is featured in Canvas courses and in classroom teams in Microsoft Teams.
This article explains what cross listing is in the context of Canvas (combining sections into a single course site), effects of cross-listing a course, and how to request if faculty want to proceed.
Users with access to Budgeting Cloud can export their budget information to Excel for reporting purposes. This guide contains instructions on exporting information from Budgeting Cloud.
This article explains how to request a temporary backup folder for technology renewal data backup or for situations where data must be backed up prior to a hard drive replacement/computer re-image.
OneDrive is an online storage service that allows you to upload, backup, create, view, edit, and share files with a 1 TB storage limit. By backing up your data in the cloud, it will remain safe if your computer is lost, stolen, physically damaged, or compromised.
Learn how to access your files in Microsoft OneDrive on Windows, macOS, iPhone, and Android devices, and through a web browser.
Instructions on how to purchase Dell and Apple computers through IC Marketplace. You can also find the hardware specifications of the Technology Renewal Program and recommended peripherals, such as docking stations and adapters, in this article.