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Upgrade your Mac to a recent version of macOS to keep your Mac secure and compatible with applications, services and security systems that support versions of macOS up to 2 releases old.
Install macOS software and security updates
This article explains how to re-enable screen sharing permissions for Microsoft Teams in macOS Catalina. By default, when upgrading to macOS Catalina from earlier macOS versions, the screen sharing permissions will disable.
NoMAD is a menu bar utility that keeps the password for your college owned Mac in sync with your Netpass account.
Apple MacOS users may sometimes receive a prompt stating that they do not have administrative access over their computers. MakeAdmin is a script that modifies the account in order to grant the user the required access.
Using the Self Service app to install applications, run tools and fixes and access other IT provided resources for your Mac computer.
Instructions for adding a networked printer on a college-owned Mac computer.
After an update with a restart, macOS fails to boot and displays an error message saying "macOS could not be installed on your computer."
Apple MacOS is an operating system for Ithaca College owned computers running on Macintosh. This quick guide provides information on how to use some of the features offered.
This article is a step-by-step guide of how to set calendar permissions on Microsoft Outlook for macOS.
Article for the general public about lab computers that are affected by the macOS hold for auth error