Quick Guide: Using Pixie Pro Controllers

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This article is an introduction on how to use Pixie Pro Controller, a device used in classrooms that allow for one to perform a number of functions from one interface.


This article is intended for faculty, staff and students.


Pixie Pro Controllers

Pixie Pro Controller

To use the technology press the “Power” button on the Pixie Pro keypad. This serves as the master power switch for everything except the computer, which you will have to turn on separately if need be. Note: Powering on the Pixie Pro does turn on the projector; if you just need sound and not visuals, please press "Picture Mute" button on the Pixie Pro. Pressing the mute button again will restore the image.  

Pixie Pro Controller

Functions Available*

  • CDs and DVDs are most easily played via the computer's iTunes or DVD programs. Inserting the CD or DVD into the CD drive attached to the computer should activate the correct program and the controls will appear on the screen.
  • Blu-ray and DVD player press the “Power” button” on the player. Inserting the Blu-ray disc or DVD into the player should bring up the DVD to play. This can be used in lieu of the CD and DVD player in the computer.
  • Smart Board press the “Power” button on the controller with glowing blue buttons. There are features both on the smart board itself and the monitor. If you require training on the Smart Board, please contact IT. 
  • Document Cameras are connected through the Pixie Pro and can be selected as an input on the keypad to project onto the screen. Make sure they are on and focused, the controls for the Document Cameras are on the cameras themselves.
  • Cameras are connected to the computer and can be easily accessed through programs like QuickTime, Zoom, Skype and media.ithaca.edu.
  • Turntables are located in the podium's side drawer or are on rolling carts.

Use the Pixie Pro keypad to control which device is sending its signal to the projector and speakers by pushing the appropriate input button. It is also easiest to control the volume with this keypad.

* Not all of these inputs are available in all rooms. Those available are labeled appropriately on the control panel.


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