Information about the various components found in classrooms across campus.

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Connecting a Laptop to the A/V System

One of two control systems are used for connecting a laptop to the A/V system, Pixie Pro and Crestron.

eClassroom Equipment

The majority of classrooms on campus are eClassrooms (enhanced) and contain a common set of equipment.

Quick Guide: Using Crestron Controllers

This article is an introduction on how to use Crestron Controllers, an interface used in classrooms with a number of available functions.

Quick Guide: Using E-Classroom Sympodium ID370

This guide is designed to give a basic introduction to the various functions available with the Smart Tech Sympodium ID370, a monitor that adds convenience to the classroom. Everything from presentations to lectures can be made easier with the use of this display.

Quick Guide: Using edTPA

This article offers information on how to use this platform and how to edit the quality of the videos using edTPA, a platform that is used by instructors that captures video of lessons.

Quick Guide: Using Pixie Pro Controllers

This article is an introduction on how to use Pixie Pro Controller, a device used in classrooms that allow for one to perform a number of functions from one interface.

Tips for Video & Web Conferencing in the Classroom

If you are going to be calling someone via video conferencing software in a classroom, there are a lot of things to pay attention to and ask questions about before the day arrives.