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Teaching and learning applications that include the HuddleWall, Turnitin, Sakai, Solstice, Student Response System, Kaltura and Voicethread.

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Zoom is an application that offers a video conferencing solution that facilitates online-only meetings, conferences and messaging on Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Google Android, Apple iOS, Linux and other systems.

Plagiarism Detection (Turnitin)

Turnitin Feedback Studio's online service checks written work for originality and potential plagiarism as well as a suite of tools for paperless grading and feedback. Turnitin can be used via Turnitin.com as well as through the Sakai Assignments tool.


Sakai is a Learning Management System for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of courses. Sakai helps the instructor facilitate collaboration among students, deliver course materials, administer tests and other assignments, track student progress, and manage record-keeping.

Sakai also includes dedicated project work sites which are widely used by staff, student groups, faculty committees, thesis committees, and others tasked with important collaborative projects beyond the classroom.

All current IC students, staff and faculty, including retirees, have access to Sakai.

In this category you will find common questions that the IC Community may have regarding Sakai, or documentation related to Ithaca College-specific Sakai implementations. For an extended knowledge base catalog, please review the Sakai 12 Community Documentation ( https://sakai.screenstepslive.com/s/sakai_help/... ).


Solstice is wireless collaboration software to connect laptops and mobile devices to any device for unlimited simultaneous sharing.

Student Response System (Top Hat)

The Teaching and Learning with Technology unit of IT provides support for the Top Hat student response system, a mobile application that can be accessed by students on a personal device. Note TLT no longer supports the Turning Technologies clickers.

Top Hat is a student response system and comprehensive teaching platform that instructors can use to engage students both within and outside of the classroom with interactive slides, graded questions, customized content, videos, discussions, and polls. Students use smartphones, tablets, laptops, ordinary cell phones to participate in Top Hat activities. One Top Hat subscription provides student access to polling, attendance, secure test, and engaging assignments within the Top Hat software. The 2019-2020 cost for a subscription is $24/semester or $41/year. Faculty may also choose to use some of the open educational resources for free or low cost to the students. The Top Hat subscription codes should be purchased through the IC Bookstore.


Taskstream is an electronic portfolio and assessment system.

Video Hosting with Kaltura

Kaltura is the video hosting, management, and delivery system for Ithaca College. This system can be used within Sakai and also through media.ithaca.edu. The system also provides tools for creating media, basic editing features, and "curating" playlists and channels.


Voicethread is an interactive multimedia online tool that allows users to upload media and comment on it using audio, video, text and doodles. Ithaca College has a site license for Voicethread which provides free access to all students, faculty, and staff. Voicethread is integrated with Sakai allowing instructors to group students as well as assign students to view, comment, or create Voicethreads.

Classroom Technology

Information about the various components found in classrooms across campus.

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FAQs: Self-Service Station for Optical Scanning of Student Assessments

A series of answers to common questions about the new self-service Scantron Remark grading software available to faculty in the Faculty Learning Space (Job 103).

Introduction to the Self-Service Option for Optical Scanning of Student Assessments

This article explains the steps for the self-service optical scanning station located in the Faculty Learning Space, Job 103.

iTunes U at Ithaca College

iTunesU was a service provided by Apple that was used by Ithaca College beginning in 2007 to serve educational audio and video. In 2017 Apple discontinued iTunes U and content was migrated to Apple Podcasts. This article explains iTunes U and how to access and manage content.

LinkedIn Learning

Linkedin-Learning, the new Lynda.com, provides access to over 10,000 business, technology and creative skills development video courses designed for in-depth instruction and just-in-time microlearning. This article provides an overview and how to login on multiple devices for Ithaca College members.

Remote Teaching Resources

This article lists all available tools for remote teaching.

SPSS Statistics

SPSS Statistics is a statistical analysis program containing a full suite of analysis tools and allows for multiple types of output. All installations of SPSS Statistics include three modules: Base, Advanced, and Regression.

Tips for Presenting

Heading to a Conference or Presenting in a Classroom? Here are some tips for a successful presentation whether presenting at a conference or in a classroom. There are a lot of issues to pay attention to and questions to ask before the day arrives.

Transition from Lynda to Linkedin Learning

As of March 2019, Ithaca College Student, Staff and Faculty will transfer their accounts from Lynda.com to the new Linkedin Learning platform. This Article explains and provides diagrams of what a user should expect to see as they go about linking their Linkedin account to the Linkedin Learning platform.