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Services or Offerings?
Request a guest account for non-Ithaca College users, if Canvas access is needed.

Request for Taskstream account creation for staff.

Request a new departmental email account, or request changes to an existing one.

Request a new student org email account, or request changes to an existing one.

Access your personal Ithaca College email and calendar account.

Form for requesting help with accounts and passwords.

Faculty and staff can request a shared computer login, such as for specialized labs.

Request voice mail service for individual or departmental office phones.

Client self-service tool for managing their Netpass account.

An optional voice mail feature that allows you to receive an email with an audio copy of any voice mail messages that callers leave on your campus telephone extension.

Request to have access to manage and create groups in LinkedIn Learning.

A web-based tool for sending email messages to a large list of Ithaca College recipients.

IT can assist members of the campus community with the identification of an appropriate tool to conduct official College business, such as remote meetings, presentations and receive remote presentations, such as guest lecturers.

Request a new mailing list or changes to an existing list.