Adobe Access for Graduating Students

If you were assigned a temporary Adobe Creative Cloud license and are graduating or leaving Ithaca College, you will no longer have access to Adobe Creative Cloud approximately 30 days from commencement.

How does this impact me? 

If you are storing data in the Adobe Creative Cloud, you will no longer have access to this data upon graduation. Prior to graduation, you should transfer your Creative Cloud assets from your IC account to a new Creative Cloud free membership account. 

How do I transfer my data? 

If you do not have a personal Adobe account, follow the on-screen instructions at, which will prompt you to set up a new Adobe personal account (Creative Cloud free membership) and transfer your data. The Creative Cloud free membership includes 2 GB of storage. If you have more than 2 GB of content, all of it is transferred, however, you cannot add more content to the new personal account until storage space is freed up.

If you already have an existing personal Adobe account, you can download your data from your Ithaca College Adobe applications and upload them to your personal Adobe account. Alternatively, you can create an additional personal Adobe account (with a new email address) and transfer your data to that account by following the on-screen instructions at  

Learn more about migrating your assets from your Ithaca College account to a personal account >

What comes with my free account? 

Learn what you get with a free Creative Cloud membership >

How can I purchase Adobe Creative Cloud Apps? 

New graduates can access a special Creative Cloud offer which includes every Adobe Creative App for $19.99/month for the first year after graduation. This offer will be available to you after migrating data from your Ithaca College Adobe account to the Creative Cloud Free membership. Visit to get started. Visit Adobe Creative Cloud for students and teachers to learn more.

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