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Support for Adobe's Creative Suite and related programs, Apple macOS, Drupal, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Windows, various form tools, and other applications.

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Support for Adobe Creative Suite and related programs.

Support for Apple macOS.

Support for the Drupal content management system (CMS), which allows publishers and contributors to edit web pages within

Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of productivity and collaboration applications that includes always up-to-date versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Outlook, and Teams, among many others.

Support for Microsoft Windows 10.

Rave Alert is Ithaca College's Emergency Notification system.

Formstack and Microsoft Forms are two self-service web form and surveying applications that can be deployed to anyone on a website, email, or within a team.

Zoom is a video and audio conferencing and webinar service.

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Pinned Article How to Use the IT Service Portal

This article explains how to use the IT Service Portal and how to view and request services, view Knowledge Base articles, view system alerts, view your tickets and find IT contact information.

Apple QuickTime Player

Apple QuickTime Player allows users to playback audio, graphic, and video formats, including H.264 and MPEG-4 formats. You can also record your screen with Quicktime.

FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Pro is a database management application and is often used to meet the database needs of individual departments and programs at the college.

How To: Obtain Analytics for IC Web Pages

How to obtain Web analytics for IC Web pages

How To: Request Wolfram Mathematica for Home Use

This article explains how to request Wolfram Mathematica, a mathematical symbolic computation program, for home use.

IC Software Bundle - Software installed on College Owned Computers

Information about the software stored on Ithaca College owned computers.

IT System Status & Outage Alerts: How to view and subscribe

This article explains where to view system status for IT Applications and services, and how to subscribe to email alerts.

Remote Access to Lab Computers

Because of current COVID-19 restrictions, Ithaca College is providing faculty, staff, and students remote access privileges to certain labs on campus. This will allow you to access lab software.

Sharing iTunes Libraries on Apple macOS & Microsoft Windows

iTunes, on both Apple MacOS and Microsoft Windows, enables you to share your music library across the same local network. An Apple ID is not needed to share the library. You can choose to either share your entire library or select certain playlists on your personal campus-owned machine. Then on another campus machine, like a classroom or meeting room, you can access that library and stream the music from original machine the music is stored on.

Speech-to-Text Applications

There are numerous applications and services that translate spoken speech into text for both Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS. This article provides general recommendations for speech-to-text applications.