Document Libraries for Drupal

This article covers how to share public files and folders from a Microsoft SharePoint-based document library into the Drupal content management system.

These document libraries are intended for public audiences. Do not add files and folders to the document libraries that may contain sensitive information (e.g. PI, PHI) or information that is not meant for public consumption.

You can submit a request to have a SharePoint-based document library created or if you are unsure how to proceed, you can request a consultation with the Business Productivity group.


This article is intended for faculty and staff.


Microsoft SharePoint and Drupal

How to Add Files and Folders to the Document Libraries

  1. Visit the SharePoint site that you wish to add files and folders via
  2. At the top of the document library, click Upload.
  3. Click Files or Folders.

A view of a public document library in SharePoint, with the Upload, Files and Folder buttons highlighted.

How to Share Files and Folders from Document Libraries

  1. Visit the SharePoint site that you wish to share from via
  2. Next to the folder or file that you wish to share, click  Share button or click the  vertical ellipsis button and then click Share.
  3. Click People you specify can edit and then click Anyone with the link.
  4. Click Apply.
    A view of the Link Settings dialog box, which elaborates on the options available to share files. "Anyone with the link" has been selected.
  5. Click Copy Link. The link will be copied to your clipboard.
  6. Edit the Drupal site you wish to add the link to.
  7. Insert or edit a content type that you wish to append the link to.

Other Features

View the Full Document Library

  1. To view the full document library, which gives you the ability to drag-and-drop files and folders into SharePoint, among other options, click See All in the top right of the document library on the homepage.

A view of the document library with the See All link highlighted.



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