Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a form tool to create surveys, quizzes, and polls.


Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome on Google Android, Safari on Apple iOS

Creating a Form & Quiz

  1. Navigate to  Microsoft Forms in a web browser.
  2. Under My Forms, click New Form or New Quiz.
  3. Click Untitled Form and enter the name of the form into the title textbox.
  4. Enter an optional description into the description textbox below.
  5. Click  Add Question to add a question to the form or quiz. You can choose from Choice, Text, Rating, and Date questions. Click ... to choose from Ranking and Likert questions.
  6. Once the questions have been added to the form, click Preview in the top right of the design window to preview the form on a computer or mobile device.
  7. Once satisfied with the form, click Share in the top right of the design window to share the form.
  8. By default, only people at Ithaca College can submit responses to your form or quiz. If you want to allow anyone to submit a response, click the Only people in my organization can respond drop-down menu and then select Anyone with the link can respond.
  9. Choose a method(s) to send and collect responses:
    • Custom Link: Click the link icon to copy a custom link that lets you send your form to others. Paste the link within an email or webpage.
    • QR Code: Click the QR code icon to generate a QR code that can be downloaded. Paste the link within an email or webpage so your audience can scan it with a SQ code scanner on their mobile device.
    • Embed Code: Click the embed icon to generate embed code. Paste the embed code into a webpage to embed the form.
    • Email: Click the email icon to share your form with others via email.

Viewing Form & Quiz Results

  1. Navigate to  Microsoft Forms in a web browser.
  2. Under My Forms, click the form you want to view the results of.
  3. Click the Responses tab.
  4. To see individual details for each responder, click the View Results.
  5. To view all of the response data for your form in Microsoft Excel, click Open in Excel.


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