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All students have Taskstream accounts and can use Taskstream to create personal portfolios. To access Taskstream go to myHome and click on the Taskstream icon on the left hand side. Students have access to Taskstream through myHome for approximately 6 months after graduation. 


This article is for students and faculty.


Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS

Saving Portfolios

At any time during the course of an active subscription, students can download their portfolios to their local computer or external storage media (e.g., CD, flash drive) without a fee in order to keep their portfolios for lifelong access. Downloaded portfolios are saved as a PDF.

After Graduation

If students have published their portfolios online via TaskStream, they continue to be available for viewing, and students can access their portfolios for downloading for up to six months after graduation. After graduation students wishing to update or maintain their portfolios using TaskStream can purchase a personal subscription for ~$50 per year or may select from multi-year pricing options.

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