Weekly Canvas Tip #26: Enabling High-Quality Audio or Video Submissions Using OneDrive LTI


This week's tip will help your students submit high-quality audio or video files without the usual file compression that Canvas applies. The secret? Ask them to use the OneDrive integration in Canvas when they go to submit a file!


Why Use OneDrive Integration?


Canvas typically compresses files submitted for assignments to optimize file size, which can reduce the quality of audio and video submissions. With the OneDrive integration within Canvas, your students can upload their submissions in full quality, preserving the original fidelity of the content.


No Extra Setup for Faculty


Good news - you don't need to perform any special steps to allow students to submit their assignments via OneDrive. Any Canvas assignment that allows "File Uploads" as the submission type will automatically enable submissions via OneDrive. Just share the instructions below with your students and link them to the included video.


How to Download Full-Quality Submissions


  1. Open Speedgrader.
  2. Navigate to a particular student's submission.
  3. Click the download link next to the student's submission.

⚠️ Important: Do not use the option to download student submissions in bulk as a .zip file - this option will compress the files and change their filenames.


Student Instructions to Share


Please share these instructions with your students so they can easily submit their assignments using OneDrive.

Submitting an Assignment using OneDrive
  1. Go to the assignment you are submitting and initiate a submission.
  2. Windows: Click 'More Options,' then select "Microsoft OneDrive."
  3. Mac: Select "Microsoft OneDrive."
  4. Log into Microsoft using your SSO credentials, and open OneDrive in Canvas if needed.
  5. Once OneDrive opens, click the "Upload" button in the upper right corner to upload your file.
  6. Select your file by clicking the circle to its left. Then, click "Save" at the bottom right corner.
  7. Finally, click the blue "Submit" button at the bottom right to complete the submission.

By following these steps, you can upload their work in its original quality as a submission in Canvas. For a video walkthrough of these steps, please visit the following page in the Canvas Student Resources @ IC course - Uploading HQ Files to Canvas as an Assignment Submission


Thank you for your attention to this week's tip and happy teaching!


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