Managing Delegates for Expenses

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Credit Card charges in IC Finance Cloud will be routed by default to the cardholder. If a cardholder wants to have their card transactions managed by another employee (e.g. a traveler having their transactions updated by a department coordinator), they will need to assign that employee as a delegate. Delegates can also create Spend Authorizations, Cash Advance Requests, and Expense Reports on behalf of employees delegating to them.

Follow the instructions in this article to assign a delegate in the Expenses module.



This article is intended for all faculty and staff.



IC Finance Cloud



  • Add a New Delegate
  • Manage Existing Delegates (Reactivate or Inactivate)




Add a New Delegate

Delegates in the Expenses module, once assigned by an employee, can manage transactions on behalf of that employee.


To add a new delegate:


1. On the IC Finance Cloud home screen, click the Me tab, then click the Expenses app.

2. On the right side of the Travel and Expenses dashboard screen, click the Tasks button, then click Manage Delegates

3. Near the the top left corner of the Delegates and Permissions screen, click the icon.

4. In the Person field that appears, begin typing the name of the employee you would like to assign as a delegate and click the name when it appears OR click the icon to search for the employee.

5. Click the Save and Close button in the top right corner of the screen. The employee you selected will now be able to act as a delegate on your behalf.