Add a Faculty/Staff Listing

What is a Faculty/Staff Listing?

A Faculty/Staff Listing is one of several options available as a secondary or tertiary level to your Site. The primary characteristics of a Faculty/Staff Listing are:

  • Allows you to populate the page with a listing of your department or office’s faculty and/or staff members
  • Each listing will display that individual’s title, IC affiliation(s) and contact info per the information in the Human Resources database
  • Each listing will display that individual’s photo (if they have added one to their public profile)
  • Each listing will automatically link to that faculty or staff member’s public profile on the IC website

Why Use a Faculty/Staff Listing?

A Faculty/Staff Listing is a great way to put a face to a name, and is an upgrade from a static, text-based listing of faculty or office members.

It need not be limited to just department or office sites. This feature could be used on a committee or task force page/site to list members, as well.

Note: Students do not have profiles on the IC website. If your committee, task force, etc. includes students you’d like to list, you will have to do so with simple text.

A Faculty/Staff Listing can be added as a secondary level to a Site, or a child of a Topic (at the tertiary level).

How to Create a Faculty/Staff Listing

Go to the section of your site you wish to add the Faculty/Staff Listing (this may be the main page of your Site or a child Topic within) and click “Add Faculty/Staff Listing” from the edit options above the page content (below the blue header with the site title).

Screenshot with "Add Faculty/Staff Listing" menu option circled.

This will bring you to the Faculty/Staff Listing creation page. Fill in the Title field to name your listing. (Remember, this will serve as the title of the page, appear in the local navigation menu, and form the URL.)

Choose “Faculty/Staff Listing” from the “Add ___ to Content” dropdown menu (Additional paragraph options are limited to just the Text option).

Screenshot with "Add Profile Listing to Content" dropdown menu circled.

In the dialogue that opens, you can fill in the optional “List Heading” and “Section Intro Text” fields to label your listing and provide some additional context. (For example, you might want to add one list for your faculty members, and create a second one on the same page for your staff members.)

In the “Profile Listing” field, type the name of the individual you want to add. The system will search for that individual and begin to offer autofill suggestions. Click the name of the person you wish to add when it appears.

Screenshot showing the Profile Listing fields.

Note: A person’s name will match how they have their information on file with HR, so be aware they may go by their formal first name or a shortened version of their name. For example: Michael or Mike.

Click the “Add another item” to add another field to the list and populate per the instructions above.

Use the cross mark icon next to each individual listing to drag/drop each item if you need to reorder.

How to Publish a Faculty/Staff Listing

At the bottom of the entire edit screen: Keep the state as “Draft” to save your work without publishing the, or change to “Published” to make the site live.

Click the “Save” button.


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