Reserving Labs

Faculty and Staff have the ability to reserve certain computer labs during the year.  Most of the labs listed below can be reserved via 25live link on the side labeled "Reserve Labs". Those that cannot are noted with * with their contact information for reserving below. 

In general, classes have first priority of a space, but some specialty labs may be reserved when classes are not scheduled. Faculty may reserve the Friends 110 Windows Lab during non-peak times for special class sessions, not for regularly scheduled classes. This lab is not available for reservations around mid-terms and final exams. 


Room Department Hardware
Business 204 Business School  41 PCs
CHS 202 IT  20 PCs
Friends 103 Writing  22 PCs
Friends 110c IT  22 PCs
Gannett G115 Art History  15 Macs
Smiddy 109 Writing  5 Macs and 19 PCs
Williams 010 * Psychology  10 PCs
Williams 203 * Psychology  31 PCs
Williams 303 ** Math/Computer Science  11 PCs
Williams 319 Math/Computer Science  28 PCs
Williams 320 Math/Computer Science  13 Macs


* To reserve Williams 010 or 203 please contact Judy Smith at 274-3304 

** To reserve Williams 303 please contact Arlene Dende at 274-3107

Reserve Labs


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