Website Form Consultation Request

This service is to request a consultation for a new web form that can be deployed on Drupal websites, in emails, and through other services. The College supports the following web form tools:

  • Formstack is ideal for simple and advanced data collection, simple approvals and complicated workflows between College faculty, staff, and students, and collecting online payments. Formstack HIPAA is a dedicated environment to collect HIPAA-related data collection, although it does not come with workflow capability.
  • Microsoft Forms is ideal for simple and advanced data collection.
  • Slate is appropriate for student-oriented data collection.
  • Qualtrics is used for survey creation and distribution.

Additionally, Point & Click can be used to collect HIPAA-related information for specific areas. Existing ERPs should be used whenever possible, such as HCM for employee documents and workflows.

Feature Formstack Microsoft Forms Slate Qualtrics
Intent Advanced data collection, workflows, online payments, questionnaires Simple data collection Data collection, workflows Surveys, questionnaires
Collect Medical-Related Information Yes Yes No Yes
Document Merges Yes No No No
Electronic Signatures Yes No No No
File Uploads Yes Yes Yes  
Online Payments Yes No Yes No
Student Information Maybe Maybe Yes No
Workflows Yes No Yes No
Request Consultation


Service ID: 108
Mon 2/18/19 4:44 PM
Tue 8/16/22 5:36 PM