Website Form Consultation Request

This service is to request a consultation for a new form or to migrate a JotForm from WPM. The form can be deployed on Drupal websites, in emails, and through other services. IC supports the following form tools:

  • Microsoft Forms is used for simple data collection.
  • Qualtrics is used for surveys and questionnaires.
  • Orbeon is used for advanced data collection and workflows.
  • Cognito Forms is used for simple and advanced data collection.
Feature Microsoft Forms Qualtrics Orbeon Cognito Forms
Intent Simple data collection Surveys & questionnaires Advanced data collection & workflows Advanced data collection
Document/file uploads No   Yes Yes
Collect Protected Information & Protected Health Information Yes Yes Yes No
Can handle workflows No No Yes No
Embeddable in a Microsoft Teams team Yes Yes No Yes
Embeddable on Drupal website Yes Yes No Yes
Support Yes Yes Yes Yes

What to Consider

Here are some questions you'll need to answer before discussing how to rebuild an existing form:

  • Is it clear who this content is for and is it still valuable/relevant for that audience?
  • Is it also clear who owns and manages the form, especially those who may be part of the workflow for submissions to that form?
  • Does this content need to be a form or can it be better shared (more accessible, search friendly, etc.) elsewhere?
  • If it is still an active, relevant and useful form, what is the best window of opportunity for recreating this form using a different tool?
  • Does your form request any personal or private identifying information (e.g. protected information or protected health information), or request for payment?