My Recently Visited Services

Form for requesting help with accounts and passwords.

Supervisors may request permission changes to Mentor or Praxis server folders on behalf of their employees and student workers.

Request help with a technology-related security issue.

Students may borrow a Windows laptop for short-term use from the self-service kiosk in Friends Hall.

SPSS for teaching and non-commercial academic research

This service is used to request work from the Audio Visual group.

IT can assist members of the campus community with the identification of an appropriate tool to conduct official College business, such as remote meetings, presentations and receive remote presentations, such as guest lecturers.

Report an issue you are having with or the media tools in Sakai. You can also request features or add comments using this form.

The Instructional Media Lab, in Job 102, is a space for faculty to get assistance or learn about technologies to enhance their teaching.

Request help with network, internet and Wi-Fi (other than Apogee ResNet)

Form to request support for a variety of tasks related to the website.

Submit a help request to the Service Desk. For urgent requests, call the Service Desk at 607-274-1000 (4-1000 on campus).

For faculty to request the upload of a photo for their web page in Web Profile Manager.

This service is to request a consultation for a new form or to migrate forms from JotForm or Cognito Forms.

Access your personal Ithaca College email and calendar account.

Report problems with your new tech renewed device(s).

Request a new mailing list or changes to an existing list.

Faculty and staff can request a shared computer login, such as for specialized labs.

Request an account with Turnitin, an online tool which reviews written work for originality, and offers additional features such as Grademark®, for paperless grading.

Request help with general telephone or voice mail problems

Client self-service tool for managing their Netpass account.

This service is to request a new public document library for the storage of documents and files for a public Drupal website.

Student residence hall internet and wi-fi information

Request a new student org email account, or request changes to an existing one.