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The quick submit feature in Turnitin allows an instructor to submit individual papers to Turnitin to check for similarity to the Turnitin Repository and web content.
This article goes through the step-by-step process of adding, copying, and deleting sections in your Leganto Reading List.
Turnitin can be used to check student submitted documents for similarity easily from within Sakai Assignments.
The "Cite it!" widget allows for you to cite sources directly to your reading lists from their web page.
This article explains the different ways that you can add citations to your Leganto Reading List.
An Overview of the ways you can find and get support for the Tools offered by Teaching and Learning with Technology
Best Practices for using the Sakai Text Submission box on Assignments, forums and more. Best practices when pasting from Microsoft Word.
Top Hat is a classroom response system, where students can submit answers to in-class questions using Apple or Android smartphones and tablets, laptops, or through text message. This article explains how faculty can add the Top Hat Plugin tool to their Sakai course site.
This article is intended to help faculty create their new course sites in Sakai 12.
The Manage Tools option on Sakai Sites helps to Add and Remove Tools but if you want to change visibility or tool order, you'll need to use the Tool Order button in Site Info.
This article outlines how to edit an existing item in your reading list.
Voicethread is a online tool for having asynchronous conversations around media. You can upload media files using your voice, webcam, text then share what you made with others so that they can join in the conversation. Ithaca College
This article gives instructions on how to manually add or remove individual members of a Sakai Course or Project site
As of 4 pm on August 16, there is a known problem importing Sakai Lesson content from a prior site during site creation process. This article explains the problem and provides a step-by-step workaround.
In Sakai 12, you can now create a Sakai Course site faster by choosing one of few course site templates. The tools are pre-selected so you can skip many of the set up screens. Additional tools can be added or removed to your site afterwards. If you want to import content from a prior course, you must do it after you create the new site.