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Where new students should go to register courses and how to register courses.
Student Midterm Grades Using HomerConnect 9 App
How to add notes in two (2) different systems: Degree Works and HomerConnect 9.
An introductory overview on HomerConnect 9's student profile page.
Directions on how to apply for graduation using HomerConnect 9 app.
How to change hours or credits on a variable credit course using HomerConnect 9 app during registration.
How faculty can check what rooms their classes are in, what days their classes are on and what time they are held.
Where to find your Advisee list in Degree Works and Homer Connect 9 apps.
How to search for an Advisee using Homer Connect 9 app.
How to submit final grades in Homer Connect 9 Application.
An overview on viewing and navigating class browsing on both DegreeWorks and HomerConnect.
How to search for Ithaca College Seminar courses using HomerConnect 9 app.
How to view class schedule in HomerConnect and DegreeWorks for new students.
Instructions on how to email your class list using HomerConnect 9 Apps.
Shows where Holds are displayed on the student profile page and explains the format of the Hold information.