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This article answers the most frequently asked questions instructors have about creating their courses in Sakai.
Tips for Working with Sakai Forums
This article answers frequently asked questions about Sakai 12 and accessibility.
How faculty can check what rooms their classes are in, what days their classes are on and what time they are held.
Where to find your Advisee list in Degree Works and Homer Connect 9 apps.
How to search for an Advisee using Homer Connect 9 app.
An Overview of the ways you can find and get support for the Tools offered by Teaching and Learning with Technology
Top Hat is a classroom response system, where students can submit answers to in-class questions using Apple or Android smartphones and tablets, laptops, or through text message. This article explains how faculty can add the Top Hat Plugin tool to their Sakai course site.
How to submit final grades in Homer Connect 9 Application.
Instructions on how to email your class list using HomerConnect 9 Apps.
Instructions on how to send emails to your Advisee List using HomerConnect 9 App.
Guide for administrators about Waitlisting.
How faculty or advisors can navigate the new HomerConnect 9 student profile.
How to navigate to Browse Classes and how to search for classes using HomerConnect 9 App.
How to view and navigate class list in HomerConnect 9.