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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the function of the cost center manager? 

A: The cost center manager is an individual identified by departments as the person responsible for first approval of requisitions, expense reports, and invoices, to review account information and ensure accuracy.


Q: If I currently approve credit card transactions for other staff, will they automatically be assigned to me? 

A: No; Credit card transactions will be loaded to the card holders' expense module by default. The card holder will need to delegate who can update their credit card transactions on their behalf. 


Q: Can an employee have more than one delegate?  

A: Yes.


Q: Will I be able to submit a spend authorization for another employee 

A: Yes; A delegate can submit authorizations on behalf of another employee. 


Q: Will spend authorizations need to be approved by anyone in addition to the traveler's supervisor? 

A: The spend authorization will route through an approval process based on dollar amounts. In addition, if the spend authorization is more than $2000, it will require VP approval. 


Q: Do we need to enter employee attendees and non-employee attendees for non-travel meals? 

A: Yes; e.g. If you take a candidate out to dinner with 3 other faculty members, Travel services requests that all attendees be noted.  


Q: How will a traveler reconcile a charge made using another staff member’s travel card 

A: The staff member whose travel card was used can update the transaction or delegate to the traveler. 


Q: Are multiple account numbers able to be entered for an expense item? 

A: No; Each expense item must be charged to one account number. 

Q: When a traveler submits their expense report, will the approvers have the opportunity to correct it?  

A: No, it will need to be returned to the traveler for correction and resubmitted. 


Q: Will there be an issue if the authorized amount does not match the expense item?  

A: The authorized amount can be greater than the expense item. However, if an expense item is greater than the authorized amount, a new Spend Authorization will need to be completed.


Q: Should we overestimate costs for travel in order not to have to create a new spend authorization?  

A: Yes 


Q: Do original receipts still need to be attached to the credit card statement?  

A: No, the receipts will be imaged and saved into the IC Cloud. 


Q: If you have multiple destinations in one trip, can you combine them into one spend authorization? 

A: Yes. Based on the itinerary you can submit one spend authorization and one expense report for that time period. 


Q: If someone is taking a guest or candidate to dinner, do they need a spend authorization? 

A: If it is local, no. A spend authorization only needs to be completed if an IC employee is travelling.


Q: When closing out both purchasing and travel credit cards, will this become the responsibility of the card holder or the department coordinator?  

A: This will be the department's choice. If the department decides to assign the responsibility to the department coordinator, the card holder will need to select the coordinator as a delegate in Expenses.


Q: What do you do if the traveler doesn't use the mobile app?  

A: They will need to scan an image to their computer and attach each receipt to the expense report.  


Q: How do you handle charges on a trip that were unexpected and not a part of the original spend authorization?  

A: You will need to submit another spend authorization with the unexpected charges. 


Q: Many times, airfare is purchased before other expenses are known to get a cheaper price. Is this going to be allowed?

A: Yes, you can purchase airfare before knowing the other expenses, but you will need to create a spend authorization before purchasing the airfare. It is mandatory that you book all travel through Direct Travel. 


Q: What do you do if the traveler uses the mobile app but delegates expense report to their admin? How do receipts get onto an expense report?  

A: The traveler can upload receipts into the app, delegate to the admin, then the admin can see log into the cloud and view the receipts. 


Q: Do we need to enter receipts $30 and under?  

A: Yes, for purchasing cards, no for travel cards. Different departments may have different regulations on what is required. Contact your department cost center manager for reference. All grant funded accounts require receipts.  


Q: Will we need to retain the original receipts once they have been uploaded into the system? 

A: Yes, you will need to retain the original receipt until the expense report is approved. 


Q: How does the billing of the college fleet work?  

A: Facilities will still manage the fleet billing. A journal entry will be processed to your departmental account.  


Student Travel:


Q: What does the expense module system mean for student travel? 

A: Nothing. Student travel will be processed through Accounts Payable. 


Q: How are student used credit cards delegated to end users?  

A: Department Credit Cards are assigned to an employee who is responsible for updating the transactions. 


Q: Will students have access to the mobile app to upload receipts when traveling?  

A: No because the mobile app is only available through the expense module.




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