Searching for and Viewing Account Information


Employees with access to IC Finance Cloud can use the Budgetary Control app to search for balance and transaction information on their general ledger accounts. Follow the instructions in this article to search for your account information.



This article is intended for all faculty and staff.



IC Finance Cloud



  • Perform an Account Inquiry Using the Budgetary Control App


Perform an Account Inquiry Using the Budgetary Control App


To search for and view information on your general ledger accounts:


Fig. 1 IC Finance Cloud home page, Budgetary Control tab near top of screen, Budgetary Control app in middle of screen under Apps


1. On the IC Finance Cloud home page, click the Budgetary Control tab, then click the Budgetary Control app.

2. On the right hand side of the Budgetary Control Dashboard screen, click the Tasks button, then click Review Budgetary Control Balances.

3. Select a budget from the Control Budget dropdown list.

Control Budget Types:


Adjusted [FY] - Shows individual account lines for the selected fiscal year

Funds Checking [FY] - Shows summary-level totals for funds checking (more info on funds checking categories)


4. Select a view from the Amount Type dropdown list.

Amount Type Views:

Period to Date - Search results will show account information on separate lines per month, per account. Account information can be clicked to show more detailed transaction information.

Year to Date - Search results will show one line per account, with totals for the entire fiscal year to date. The option to drill down to transaction-level detail is not available in this view.


5. Select the time period of your search using the Budget Period dropdown list(s).

6. In each of the account segment fields (Fund, Functional, Entity, etc.): Type the desired value and press the Enter key, or select All [Segment] Values from the dropdown list to search for accounts with any value for that segment.

PLEASE NOTE: When attempting to search for accounts in the Budgetary Control app, some users have been encountering a Java-related error message. To prevent this error from occurring, please make sure you are either selecting account segment values from the dropdown lists, or hitting the Enter key after typing in each value manually. If you do receive this error message, it may begin to appear when visiting other pages in the application and can only be removed by logging out of the application.


7. Click the Search button. Search results will appear at the bottom of the screen, with account numbers and periods on the left, and financial data on the right.


Additional Functions (optional):


8. To hide certain columns in order to more easily view the financial information on the right side of the screen, click the View dropdown menu on the left side of the screen, click Columns, then click on any column name with a next to it to hide that column. (Examples may include Intercompany, Future1, and Future2, as these will always contain a 00 value) Repeat as necessary for any additional columns you wish to hide.

9. If searching using the Period to Date view, click on financial data, shown in blue on the right side of the screen, to view more detailed transaction information for the corresponding account line.

10. To export search results to an Excel workbook, click the Export to Excel icon on the left side of the screen above the search results.

11. To narrow down your search results: Click the Query by Example icon on the left side of the screen above the search results. In the fields that appear above the columns in your search results, type in a partial value, then press Enter to narrow your search results. (e.g. type "74" above the Subcode column and press enter to show only accounts with subcodes that begin with "74")


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