Suggested Settings for Large Outlook Calendar Events

This article provides suggested settings in Microsoft Outlook Calendar for meetings with a large number of attendees. Recommended settings include not requiring meeting responses, preventing meeting attendees from forwarding the meeting, proposing new meeting times, and from seeing a list of other attendees.


Microsoft Outlook desktop client, Microsoft Outlook for the web

Creating an Outlook Calendar Event

  1. With the Microsoft Outlook desktop client, create a meeting. Click New Meeting in the Home toolbar.
  2. Add in meeting details, such as who the meeting should be sent to, a meeting title, and a meeting description.
  3. In the Attendees section in the meeting toolbar, click Response Options and uncheck Request Responses, Allow New Time Proposals, and Allow Forwarding.
  4. In the Tags section in the meeting toolbar, click Private.
  5. Save the meeting invitation. Click File and then click Save.
  6. Close the meeting invitation.
  7. Open Outlook for the web in a web browser. Click Calendar.
  8. Open the saved meeting invitation.
  9. In the meeting toolbar, click Response options, then click Hide attendee list. (This feature is currently only available in Outlook for the web.)
  10. Click Send to send the meeting invitation with the attendees hidden.


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