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To encourage sustainability and reduce wasteful printing, Ithaca College uses a print management program in the library and all student computer labs. The program enables students to upload documents remotely to from residential halls or off-campus locations and print jobs in the Library, Friends 110, CHS Computer Lounge, Business Atrium, Business 115, and Park 113. Alumni are given the same allowances as students and may follow the same procedures for printing.

Through the print management program, students are given complimentary print allowances at the start of each semester and can use ID Express for printing needs that exceed the allowance. The allowances are:

  • $7.50 summer semester (May 20, 2020 - August 11, 2020) for approximately 107 double-sided pages
  • $15 fall semester (Sept. 8, 2020 – Dec. 30, 2020) for approximately 214 double-sided pages
  • $15 spring semester (Jan. 25, 2021 – May 19, 2021) for approximately 214 double-sided pages

Unused allowances from the fall roll over to the spring semester. Unused allowances after the spring and summer semesters do not roll over. To keep the print management system current, printing history for all accounts will be deleted annually when fall allowances are set.

Print costs are $0.05 single-sided, $0.07 double-sided for black and white printing and $0.30 single-sided, $0.56 double-sided for color printing.

This article does not apply to faculty, who have unrestricted printing after logging in.


Students, Alumni


Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, Google Android, Apple iOS, Google Chrome OS


Printing from a Lab Computer Directly to a Printer

While in a lab, students can send jobs directly to a printer installed on a lab computer. This is useful for students who wish to print immediately.

Instructions to print directly:

  1. Open a file and select Print.
  2. Choose default printer, set print options, use Print Preview and click Print.
  3. Log in using Netpass credentials.
  4. Click OK on the Print Information window which displays current balance and allowance information.
  5. Confirm number of pages and cost.
  6. Click Print on the Print Job Notification window.
  7. Pick up the print job from the printer.

Note: if a document opens within a web browser, save the document to the desktop and then open it from the desktop using its corresponding program (e.g. Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat) to print.

Printing from a Lab Computer to WebPrint

Students can send jobs to a WebPrint printer and print from a WebPrint Release Station in that lab or another compatible lab. This is useful for students who do not wish to print immediately and want to queue jobs for printing. Printing to a WebPrint printer is the same as uploading a job through, but there are no file format restrictions.

Instructions to print to WebPrint:

  1. Open a file, select Print
  2. Choose WebPrint, set print options, use Print Preview and click Print
  3. Log in using Netpass credentials
  4. Confirm number of pages and cost, click Print on the Print Job Notification window
  5. Click OK to the pop-up window (displays job has been sent to WebPrint)
  6. Visit a WebPrint Release Station within 24 hours to print job(s)

Note: Double-sided printing is the default set up for lab printing. If single-sided printing is needed, the settings must be changed.


Students can upload jobs remotely to WebPrint printers at, and print from a WebPrint Release Station at a later time. This is useful for students who wish to upload jobs from the residential halls or an off-campus location and print on campus at a later time. Please note that jobs uploaded through are restricted to Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files.

Instructions to upload print jobs remotely:

  1. Log in to using Netpass credentials.
  2. Click Upload Jobs (left side menu).
  3. Click Submit a Job.
  4. Select ToshibaBW or ToshibaColor, then click Print Options. (if you want to assure that you will not be charged for color printing select ToshibaBW)
  5. Confirm number of copies and click Upload Documents.
  6. Click Choose Files and browse for your document(s).
  7. Click Upload & Complete.
  8. Visit a Toshiba printer within 24 hours to print job(s).

Supported file formats using WebPrint (from a remote location):

  • Microsoft Office Excel: xlam, xls, xlsb, xlsm, xlsx, xltm, xltx
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint: pot, potm, potx, ppam, pps, ppsm, ppsx, ppt, pptm ,pptx
  • Microsoft Office Word: doc, docm, docx, dot, dotm, dotx, rtf
  • Microsoft Office XPS: xps
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF: pdf

WebPrint Release Stations:

  • Friends 110
  • CHS Computer Lounge
  • Business School Atrium
  • Business School 115
  • Park School of Communications 113 (PPECS)
  • Library (color printing)

Mobility Print

Students can print to a WebPrint printer and release a job from the WebPrint Release station using Mobility Print. This is useful for students who wish to print a document, email, photo, website or other file from their phone or an app and print to a lab printer. Mobility Print supports printing from Windows devices, macOS devices, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android devices, and Chromebooks. Please reference the following Mobility Print knowledge base article on how to set up your device. 

There are no file format restrictions, though not all mobile applications support printing. You must be connected to IthacaCollege Wi-Fi to print from your device.


Refunds must be requested within three business days, and are only approved for printer malfunctions.

Refunds will not be approved for print job errors such as incorrect print settings, formatting, blank pages, or unwanted sheets. Prior to printing, please verify the print settings, Print Job Notification window for the number of pages and cost of each job, and use Print Preview if available.

To Request a Refund:

  1. Open a browser and go to

  2. Log in with your Netpass credentials

  3. Click Recent Print Jobs (left side menu)

  4. Find the print job you are requesting a refund for (two weeks of transactions are displayed)

  5. Under the Status field click Request Refund

  6. Identify whether you need a full or partial refund

  7. Enter reason for refund

  8. Click Send

​Please allow three business days for the request to be processed. Once reviewed, an email confirmation will be sent. Refunds will be added to print allowances, not ID Express.

Adding Additional Print Money

  • Students can add funds to their ID Express accounts using ID Express machines located in the Library and campus center or by visiting GET.
  • Individuals and departments can provide students with additional printing funds by adding money to a students’ ID Express account through Student Financial Services (SFS). SFS must have the student's name and ID number in order complete this request.
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