IC HR Cloud: Recruitment of Student Employees

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This article is intended for student supervisors who post student jobs and hiring student employees.


Creating a Requisition

Approval Process

Reviewing and Managing Applicants

IC HR Recruitment Tips

  • All student jobs must be posted in the Recruiting Cloud to align with the Strategic Plan
  • When creating a requisition, some information will be pre-populated. It is important not to change the pre-populated information unless noted below. 
  • For the purposes of this article and recruitment in IC HR Cloud, internal postings are viewable to all current faculty, staff, and student employees. External postings are viewable to any prospective faculty, staff, or students who has never held a position on campus

Navigation in IC HR Cloud

All tasks in this article can be accessed from the My Team tab, then by clicking on the Hiring App. 

Creating a Requisition

Access Job Requisitions through My Teams, then the Hiring App. This page is where you will access any requisition you are affiliated with and also where you will create a new requisition. To create a new student employee requisition: 

  • Click the +Add button on the right-hand side of the page. 
  • Complete the following eleven (11) sections. To move to the next section, click continue. Please note that you will only be able to continue to the next section when all the required information has been completed. 
    1. How
      • Requisition Type: Leave as default (Standard)
      • Use: Choose Job
      • Business Unit: Leave as default (Ithaca College)
      • Job: Search for position by typing STUDENT -, then select the appropriate job
    2. Basic Information
      • Requisition Type: Leave as default (Standard)
      • Requisition Title: This will pre-populate based on the job selected in section one. This can be edited to reflect the title of the position when posted. 
        • Please keep STUDENT EMPLOYEE in front of the job title, as it is easier to differentiate student jobs from faculty and staff
      • Number of Openings: Choices include Limited and Unlimited. If selecting Limited, please enter how many positions you are recruiting for. Unlimited requisitions can be used for continuous hiring needs.
      • Recruiting Type: Choose Student
      • Language: Leave as default (American English) 
    3. Hiring Team
      • Hiring Manager: This should be the person who is the actual supervisor of the job and will impact the approval workflow process. To add the Hiring Manager, begin typing the correct name, if it is not already there. Please note when you change this field, a warning message may appear - click no if it does
      • Recruiter: Search and add an HR Recruiter  
      • Collaborators: Search and add any additional individuals who may be reviewing applicants for this student job. You may also need to add yourself if you are not the hiring manager
    4. Requisition Structure
      • Organization: Search and add the department in which this position is located
      • Primary Location: Search and add the location in which this position is located (start typing Ithaca to find this value more quickly) 
      • Other Locations: Leave as default (blank)  
    5. Details - These fields are for internal viewing only. They will not appear on the posting and therefore are not required (unless specified), although helpful for the recruitment participants. Please note that some fields have a character limit of 150. If additional space is needed, please use the attachments section 
      • Worker Type: Select Employee
      • Regular or Temporary: Leave as default (Temporary)  
      • Full Time or Part Time 
      • Educational Level
      • Maximum Salary
      • Minimum Salary
      • Instructions to Applicants: Please enter any specific instructions that should appear in the posting (HR will add before posting)
      • Procedure for Assessing Applicants, Quorum Policy and Decision-Making Procedure
      • Weeks Per Year
      • Hours Per Week
      • Time Card Required: Choose Yes
      • Name of Last Person Holding This Position 
      • Job Schedules
      • Normal Start Time
      • Normal End Time
      • Market Hiring Range
      • Percentage of Travel
      • Internal Recruitment Plan Explanation: If only posting internally, please explain the rationale and how this position will be advertised to internal candidates
      • List of Publications/Websites for HR to Advertise: Student jobs are only posting through Ithaca College
      • Advertising Methods: 
      • Efforts to Attract Under-Represented Groups: 
      • Names/Address of at least 5 Individuals to be Contacted to Solicit Interest: 
      • Ad Copy (short) for Print Advertising 
      • Ad Copy (long) for Website Postings
      • Target Start Date 
      • Name of Search Chair: 
      • Waiver to Post:
    6. Work Requirements
      • Travel Required
      • International Travel Required
    7. Posting Description
      • Internal Posting Description: Click enter custom internal posting to copy and paste a job description if information is not pre-populated  
      • Internal Short Description: This short description is less than 1000 characters and will show as the job summary on the front tile of the applicant site
      • Internal Description: Copy and paste posting job description
      • Check Box for Same Description for Internal and External: Check if you want the description to appear the same to both internal and external applicants. If not, uncheck the box and enter text to appear for internal applicants
    8. Offer Information
      • Legal Employer: Leave as default (Ithaca College)
      • Business Unit: Unable to Edit
      • Department: Leave as default
      • Primary Work Location: Type and enter Ithaca College Campus Address
      • Other Work Locations: 
      • Job: Unable to Edit
    9. Attachments
      • Add any attachments that would be helpful for collaborators. For example, a rubric or evaluation form 
    10. Configuration
      • Candidate Selection Process: Leave as default 
      • External Application Flow: Leave as default 
      • Waive to Post: Leave as default
      • Automatically Fill Requisition: Leave as default (No)
    11. Questionnaires
      • Internal Pre-Screening Questionnaire: Available upon request to HR Recruiter 
      • External Pre-Screening Questionnaire: Available upon request to HR Recruiter 
      • Interview Questionnaire and Non-Selection Rationale Questionnaire: HR Recruiter will add
  • After completing all sections above, scroll to the top of the page and click Save and Close.
    • If your requisition is not ready to be reviewed and posted, please add DRAFT to the title prior to clicking Save and Close.
    • If your requisition is ready to be reviewed and posted, please add FINAL to title prior to clicking Save and Close.

Approval Process

Once you submit, the HR Recruiter will be notified and will post the job to the job search website. Please note that the system take 15 minutes to post the position to the external website. Once posted, you will be able to start reviewing and making selections on applicants. 

Reviewing and Managing Applicants

Return to your requisitions from the My Teams tab, then by clicking on the Hiring App. 

  • Click on the position title (blue link)
  • This will bring you to the applicant overview
    • Added to Requisition - New: These are the new applicants that have not yet been reviewed 
    • Active Applications: These are all active applicants that have applied to this position. Once a candidate is non-selected, they will no longer be visible here
    • Hires out of ___: This will populate when an applicant had been hired
    • Unconfirmed Applicants: These are applicants who have not yet confirmed their job application via email that is sent when they submit their application
    • Referred Prospects: There are specific applicants that were sent the posting link as outreach
  • To review applicants, click on the number above Active Requisitions
  • Each candidate will have a link to their attached application materials (will open in a separate download document). Click the applicant's name to view additional application details. Within an applicant overview, you can also navigate the left-hand sidebar for additional information

After the initial review of applications, a determination needs to be made to either move applicants into the next phase or non-select them. The process of moving applicants is as follows:

  • All new applications enter as the phase Added to Requisition - New
  • For those applicants you wish to select, click the Actions button at the top of the page, and then select Move. Choose the appropriate phase from the drop-down list. 
  • Please note: All candidates not being moved forward need to be non-selected. After selecting Move, use the state of Rejected by Employer and then choose a value from the drop-down list of reasons
  • After interviews have been conducted, change the status of candidates moving forward to the next appropriate phase, as well as change the status of candidates not moving forward to Rejected by Employer and choosing a value from the drop-down list
  • Change the applicant you wish to hire to the phase Offer
  • This will generate an email to the HR Recruiter, who will generate a Feedback form for finalist candidate that needs to be completed for the candidate you wish to extend an offer to. This form must be completed prior to the offer process moving forward as it requests pertinent hire information
  • Verbally extend offer to candidate
  • Notify the HR Recruiter of the verbal acceptance. The HR Recruiter will electronically extend the offer via email
  • You will receive a notification once the applicant has electronically accepted the offer

Accepting an Offer

Please remember that after accepting an offer, all new student employees must attend a New Student Employee Program (NSEP) to complete required documents. Questions regarding this process can be directed to the Student Employment. 


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