IC HR Cloud: Direct Deposit and Payslips

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This article is intended for all employees of the College.


IC HR Cloud


Accessing Pay Functions

Direct Deposit

  • Adding a New Bank Account

  • Editing or Deleting an Existing Bank Account


  • Viewing Payslips


Accessing Pay Functions

To access the Pay App and perform the employee functions outlined in this article:

  1. Login to IC HR Cloud from apps.ithaca.edu
  2. Click on the Ithaca College Logo (top left)
  3. On the IC HR Cloud homepage, click on the Me tab
  4. Under Apps, click on Pay

Fig. 1 Pay app


Direct Deposit

Please note that all new accounts added for direct deposit are immediate based on the payroll processing schedules.

Please have all of your banking account information available when adding a new account or changing and existing one.   

By adding your direct deposit information in IC HR Cloud, you are agreeing to the following authorizations:

Authorizations for Direct Deposit

  • I request and authorize Ithaca College to deposit my net payroll earnings into my account with the below financial institution(s) as indicated. I further authorize posting error corrections to my account and repayment to Ithaca College for amounts deposited in error
  • This Authorization will remain in full force and effect for a) the duration of my employment; b) until Ithaca College discontinues the service; c) until I submit a written request to terminate the service. I will submit this request to the Payroll Office in a timely matter as to afford Ithaca College and my financial institution(s) a reasonable opportunity to act upon my request.
  • This request is for processing as soon as possible based on the payroll processing schedules.


Adding a New Bank Account

Fig. 2 Payment Methods tile


To add a bank account for direct deposit:

  1. From the Pay app, click on the Payment Methods tile
  2. Click on the +Add button
  3. Enter the following information within the provided fields:
  • What do you want to call this payment method? - Think of this as a “nickname” for your account. If you have multiple accounts you would like your paycheck to be spilt between, this is a helpful way to identify them.  
  • Payment Type - Direct Deposit is the default and only option for Payment Type.
  • Account Number - This is typically the second set of numbers at the bottom of a check, excluding the check number.
  • Account Type - Please indicate if the account you are adding is a Checking, Savings, or Money Market account.
  • Routing Number - This is typically the first set of numbers at the bottom of the check, and should be nine digits long.
  • Payment Amount - (Will not appear when adding an account for the first time) Use this field to specify the percentage or specific dollar amount you would like this account to receive for each pay check.
  • Bank Account - New Account is the default, and should be used when adding a new account.
  1. Click Save to confirm the addition of this account.


Editing or Deleting an Existing Bank Account

After you have added a bank account, you can change any of the information you entered or delete the account. If you have added multiple bank accounts, you can specify how much of your pay check you would like to go to each account.


To edit or delete a bank account:

  1. From the Pay app, click on the Payment Methods tile
  2. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the account you would like to edit or delete
  3. Make changes to the account information as needed and click Save, or, if you wish to delete the account, click Delete



A Payslip is a document containing gross pay, net pay, taxes, and other detailed payroll information for a specific pay period, which can be accessed using the Pay app.


Viewing Payslips

Fig. 3 Payslips tile


To view a Payslip:

  1. From the Pay app, click on the Payslips tile
  2. Click the PAYSLIP link on the left side of the screen for the pay period you would like to view. The corresponding dates for each pay period will be shown below the PAYSLIP link.
  3. You will be prompted to download a .pdf file. Open the file to view your Payslip. Please note when saving, printing, or viewing your Payslip that this document contains sensitive employee information.


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