iTunes U at Ithaca College


This article is intended for users and content owners of former iTunes U content and current Apple Podcast content.

Accessing former iTunesU Content in Apple Podcasts

All iTunesU collections content was migrated to Apple Podcasts in 2017. 

Click Ithaca College Apple Podcasts to launch the Ithaca College Podcasts in iTunes application.

 the iTunes U App is an iOS app for accessing iTunes U courses content.


In 2009, Ithaca College became one of the early adopters of iTunes U, a service by Apple launched to host educational media content.   At that time there was no YoutubeEDU, Kaltura, or other media hosting options.  Information Technology supported this service and set up a pilot, trained users, managed the site, determined guidelines. Users from athletics, residential life, communications, music, library, and numerous academic departments created content that was hosted on iTunes U. This content could be private or publicly accessible.  Over time Apple stopped hosting the media files but still hosted the feed.  Ithaca College content providers never hosted iTunes U content on other servers. In 2015 it discontinued private content. In addition, Youtube, Kaltura and other streaming options emerged.  In 2017, Apple announced that iTunes U content would be migrated to Apple Podcasts.  All public content was migrated if desired by content owner. All private content was archived.

iTunes U vs iTunes U Courses

iTunes U content was audio, video, pdfs content  that was made available throught the Apple iTunes application.  The majority of content hosted for Ithaca College was iTunes U content.  iTunes U courses iPad app came out in 2012 and enhanced iTunes content by allowing users to develop iPad accessible courses and online textbooks.  Since the content was only usable on an iPAD it didn't really take off at Ithaca.

Managing Content

iTunes Podcast Site Manager for Ithaca College is the access portal for the administrator of the Ithaca College Podcasts content and analytics. (Apple ID needed if you are designated admininstrator or content owner).

Public Site Manager Help Site contains the help pages for iTunes U and the Apple Podcasts Migration

iTunes U Course Manager  is the authoring login for the iTunes U iPad App.  Anyone can access but iTunes Administrator must put link to make available in the iTunes U app under Ithaca College.

iTunes Connect is the portal for managing iTunes content and posting RSS feed.


How to I remove content from Ithaca College Apple Podcasts?

Contact TLT and the iTunes Podcast administrator will do this.

How do I add content to Ithaca College Apple Podcasts?

Since Apple is no longer hosting the media files, content can only be added by submitting an RSS feed to the files on another podcast host.  We recommend that you contact TLT to discuss other options such as Kaltura for hosting video content.  

Is iTunes U being discontinued by Apple?

As of October 24, 2019, Apple still mentions iTunes U on its web site.  See this article from Inside HigherEd (June 2019).

Is Ithaca College iTunes U/Apple Podcasts content still being used?

From Aug 25, 2019 - October 27, 2019 there were 14,750 streams and 2,029 downloads.




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