Getting Started: Sakai for First Time Users

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This article is intended for all new users of Sakai.


Sakai 12

About Sakai Course Sites

A Sakai course site is the official worksite for a particular academic course and is integrated with Homer student registration system. 

Course sites contain a selection of tools and resources provided by the instructor so that students may access course materials, interact with other site participants, submit work and view grades. If you are an instructor, you must be listed as the primary instructor in Homer to attach a roster to a Sakai course site.  Rosters are updated several times a day.

Common Topics

How do I log into Sakai?

Access Sakai from or  Click on the "Ithaca Login" link and you will be prompted to login with your  Netpass credentials.  You must have your Netpass set up in order to log into Sakai.

Use Guest Login, if you have been invited to join a Sakai site with a email.


My Netpass login or password won't log me in.

Make sure you followed the procedures for your  Netpass credentials. Get help from the IT Service Desk at 607-274-1000 during business hours or email


How do I find my course sites in Sakai?

Once your sites are created, click on the Sites 'waffle' icon in the upper right.   This will expand your "Sites Drawer" which will list your sites. 

TIP: If you click the "Star" next to the site name it will pin it to your top blue menu bar.

If you have not yet created your course sites, please see this article on how to create a course site.


I can log into Sakai but don't see any sites in the sites waffle.

For students: First, click on the Sites waffle icon. If you just activated your Netpass, you might have to wait a few hours for your name to be added to the courses. If you still don't see your sites, contact your professor to make sure they're using Sakai then, for further help, contact the IT Service Desk at 607-274-1000 or

For faculty: If you have not yet created your course sites, please see this article on how to create a course site.


Can I access Sakai on my mobile device? 

While there is not have a dedicated app to install on your device, Sakai does have a mobile interface that you can use on a web browser with your mobile device.

Alert: We strongly recommend using a non-mobile device operating system (Windows, MacOS) to complete the Math Placement and Registration Modules. Some content may not be easy to interact with on the smaller interface.



If you are having trouble accessing the content in Sakai with screen reader or assistive device please contact the IT Service Desk.  See Sakai 12 Accessibility Information for more details.

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