Ithaca College Seminar (ICSM) Course Search

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Welcome to this tutorial on how to browse Ithaca Seminar courses. From your student profile on HomerConnect, you will click on “Registration and Planning”, which will bring you to this page where you will click “Browse Classes”. You can use this drop down to select the term you interested in searching, which will be “Fall 2019”. Choose that and click continue. I recommend that all the students immediately click on “Advanced Search” because then this gives you additional search options. I know that Ithaca Seminar starts with a subject code of “ICSM”, so type that in and select “Ithaca College Seminar”. Now I have some choices when it comes to course number. If you do not know your course number, you can leave that blank and click “search”. You can also enter a complete 5 digit course number if you know it or you can enter a few numbers with the % sign. That sign will take you to the 5 numbers which is a wild card search. You can also search for days and times if you are interested, and by clicking the box next to “Open Sections Only”, you can search for only open sections. Now go ahead and click “search” and now there is a lot of information on my screen. I want to narrow this down a little bit by hiding the fields I do not need to see by clicking on the settings icon in the top right under the green “search again” button. I can shut off attribute, campus, term, and subject description. This also works like Excel, so if I click between the columns, I can go ahead and open them up. So how do you browse for Ithaca Seminars? All of the Ithaca Seminars are designed to meet the student interests so expand the title section to look at the different titles. Now, if “The Science of Fiction” is something of interest to you, click on the title and select “syllabus” to get additional information. This will tell you specifically what the course is about. Go ahead and read this section and if it is something that interests you, copy the course registration number (CRN) at the top of the page because that is what you are going to use during the registration process. Click “close” and take a look at another section and click “syllabus”. This is also a course you could be interested in, so copy the CRN. When it comes time for registration, you will have a few options. I hope you found this tutorial on how to search for Ithaca Seminars, helpful. Everyone at Ithaca College is looking forward to helping you during your registration experience and meeting you at orientation. Thank you!


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