FAQ: IT Service Desk Loaner System (Smarthub)

Why can't I renew my reservation?

You will not see the option to renew a reservation in "My Reservations" until it is 3 days before the reservation end date/time. Also note that you will only be able to renew an active reservation once (for a maximum of 7 days)

After your initial renewal you will have to contact the Service Desk for further renewals.


Why can't I enlarge certain photos?

This is because the developer of the application received alot of complaints that enlarging photos within the "Make Reservation" was a nuisance. You should be able to enlarge the photos after reserving the asset and then click Menu and go to the "My Reservations" menu option.


Why does my screen display a frowny face?

This is what happens when no equipment meets the criteria.


Why does it say “resolve” next to an asset?

This is what displays if an asset is not available for the selected time and date that you want; if you click where it says “resolve” it will explain the error in depth.


Why are there three dots in the time field when I reserve equipment?

This happens when you try to start or end your reservation on a day/time that the Service Desk is not open.


Why isn't the time I want to pick up/return an asset being displayed?

The system only offers openings during times/days that the Service Desk is open.


Why does the process for reserving an asset change when I reserve another asset shortly after?

After the first reservation, there is a 5-10 minute window where you can reserve as many assets as you wish before a bulk confirmation email goes to both you and the Service Desk, all containing the same information provided for the first reservation.


There are little red clickable buttons displaying inaccurate help?

These are the built in tips/help for Smarthub. They are in the midst of creating new documentation for their newly deployed website so their current documentation is inaccurate. You can click your name at the top right of the page and click “Hide All Tips” to hide them.


Are students able to reserve assets in the loaner system?

Unfortunately not at this time.


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