User Guide: How to use the IT Service Desk Loaner System (Smarthub)

This articles provides information about how to reserve equipment from the IT Service Desk, as well as manage your reservations, using Smarthub. The Service Desk has laptops, conference phones and other equipment and adapters available for short-term loans of up to 7 days, and can be reserved through the self-service reservation system. At this time, only faculty and staff can reserve equipment through Smarthub.

 Access Smarthub


This article is intended for faculty and staff.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Reserving an Asset using "Make Reservations"

If you are not at the “Reservation Overview”, click Menu

  1. Click Make Reservations (may have to do this twice)
  2. Choose Equipment from “What would you like to Reserve?”
Note: Most equipment is only reservable for a maximum of 7 days (or 168 hours)
  1. Choose your pick-up date and time and click Done (Must be during our active days/hours)
  2. Choose your return date and time and click Done (Must be during our active days/hours)
  3. Click Search Assets
  4. Choose a Category

Locate the Specific Asset

If it says “Resolve” and not “Reserve”-- there was an error and you can click “Resolve” to see what that error is...
If there is a date and time related error, use the Pick-up and Return portion under “Please select a Collection/Return date and time” to make any of your changes.
  1. (if necessary) Choose your quantity of item by hitting Minus sign or Plus sign 
  2. Click Reserve
Note: If someone is picking up the equipment on your behalf: Type their name in the "Picked Up By" field (they have to sign up before you can do this); Otherwise you can leave both the location field and the picked up by field blank.
  1. Choose the location of the asset
  2. Click Terms & Conditions to toggle it to Blue (click the words in blue to view, toggle if you agree)
  3. Click Confirm

A confirmation email will be sent to you within 5-10 minutes for your reservation.

Cancelling a Reservation

If you have not already, Click Menu

  1. Click My Reservations
  2. Click Cancel

In the box that says "Reason for Cancelling"

       3. Type in a reason for cancelling (optional)

       4. Click Cancel Reservation

Renewing a Reservation

Click Menu

  1. Click My Reservations
  2. Click Renew on the asset you wish to renew.
Note: You are only able to renew your reservation once for a maximum of seven more days (this option appears 3 days before your asset is due back). If you need any further renewals for the same asset, please give the Service Desk a call at 607-274-1000 or email us at to request another extension.


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