Getting Started: Kaltura Personal Capture Recording Tool

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One of the great features of the Ithaca College video system is the ability to create original content.  That can be done easily with Personal Capture, a recording application available to all users of the system (formerly known as CaptureSpace).


IT Staff


Windows 10 and MacOS 10.13+

Getting Started


  1. Log into .  Once you're logged in click the "Add New" button and choose the Personal Capture (CaptureSpace Replacement) Recording Tool.
  2. The Personal Capture homepage should automatically download the application, but if not, you can choose your Operating system toward the bottom of the screen.
  3. Navigate to where you downloaded the file and double-click to run the installer. Please enter the password you use to log into -- or make changes to -- the computer.
  4. The first time you install and run Personal Capture you might get asked to open this file automatically, or to confirm that it is a safe program. Select yes or Okay. On MacOS, It will also prompt you to allow access to the Camera and Micrphone. Click Allow.


Getting Started

  1. Log into .  Once you're logged in click the "Add New" button and choose the Personal Capture (CaptureSpace Replacement) Recording Tool. It will automatically open the Personal Capture app.
  2. Select your options for recording sources. Any onboard or external cameras connected can be selected in the Screens dropdown, and any onboard microphone or external microphones connected can be selected in the Audio dropdown. By default, the computer screen, and internal microphone (if applicable), will be selected.

Note: You will always need to be logged in first to the website before you can use Personal Capture. Otherwise, the app won't know who you are and you will show an error.

The app is great for recording your screen or doing simple webcam recordings. It can also be used for recording PowerPoint lectures with the Presentations and Lectures feature which creates an interactive presentation for your students with features that allow for engaging presentations.

Simple Screen Recording

  1. Click the "Screen" option. If you have more than one monitor you will be asked which one to record. You can record the whole desktop or just a portion of it.
  2. Click the red record button on the left to start recording. You will see a window pop up with a three second countdown to give you time to prepare to be recorded. Personal Capture will reduce in size in the bottom right hand of the screen during recording.
  3. The red record button will pause and resume recording, as well as use drawing tools if you want to annotate or highlight.
  4. When you are finished recording, click Done.
  5. You will see a preview of your recording with options to title, describe, and tag your video. Only the title is required. If you want to upload immediately, click "Save and Upload", and it will complete your work and save it to Kaltura under My Media. If you want to save to your local computer without uploading yet, click "Save".


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