Using the HuddleWall in Friends 101

This is a guide to using the Huddlewall, a 12-foot collaborative whiteboard, in Friends Hall 101.


To use the HuddleWall: 

  1. Locate the four Huddle Wall pens and five Huddle Wall discs in Friends 101.
  2. Turn on the computer in the rear of the room if it is not already on.
  3. Turn on each projector. The indicator light on each projector will turn blue to indicate they are active. 
  4. Turn on pens needed for the session.

When your training or classroom session has concluded: 

  1. Collect the four HuddleWall pens and five HuddleWall discs and store them on the shelf in the front of the room.
  2. Turn off any laptops used and return the laptops to the laptop cart. Ensure that the device name and number match the tray in the laptop cart. Plug in the laptops to the charging cord. Lock the laptop cart with the laptop cart key.
  3. Turn off each projector by pressing the power button twice. The indicator light on each projector will turn red to indicate they are inactive. 


It will be difficult to write with the HuddleWall pens if they are not properly calibrated. The output will either be delayed or off-centered. To recalibrate the pens: 

  1. Open the We-Inspire Core application from the Start Menu.
  2. Click Calibrate.
  3. Click Screen 1 and Screen 2 and click OK.
  4. With the pen, press each point as it is highlighted on the HuddleWall. Be as precise as possible with the calibration.
  5. After the calibration is complete, with the pen, press Save and Close.

It will be difficult to use the Windows desktop and related applications if the HuddleWall is not properly calibrated. The output will overlap and not be responsive. To recalibrate the desktop: 

  1. Right-click (or long-press the pen) on the Windows desktop.
  2. Click or press Scalable Desktop.
  3. Click Recalibrate.
  4. The Windows desktop will appear normal after the calibration is complete.



Sketch is a digital whiteboard application that allows you to create, modify and improve any drawing or idea. Essentially a large canvas, you can import photos and visuals from other devices or websites.


Flow allows you to create a visual representation of your ideas using digital sticky notes and arrows. The interactive workflow lets everyone participate, whether it is working on a visual presentation, capturing ideas, or developing site architecture. 

Flow is connectible to Sketch and Paper. Simply drag items from Sketch and Paper into the Flow.


Paper allows you and your team to create on specially enabled paper and save it digitally. You can also share it to Pinboard and Sketch or to another application, such as Adobe Illustrator or InDesign.


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