Majordomo Mailing Lists - How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe

This article explains how to subscribe and unsubscribe from Majordomo mailing lists.

Use a web browser other than Google Chrome for these steps.


Subscribing to (joining) a Majordomo mailing list:

  • The owner may invite you to subscribe to a list
  • The owner may add you to a list as a member of a department or other group
  • You may browse lists to subscribe to lists of interest (depending on list settings).


For lists that you are voluntarily subscribed to, follow these steps to unsubscribe from the list:

  • Go to
  • Enter your IC email address
  • Make sure the “Subscribed” radio button is checked and click Go
    • A list will be displayed of all the lists you are subscribed to
  • Uncheck the “Sub” box for all lists you want to be removed from and click Apply
  • For some lists you will be unsubscribed immediately. For others, a notice will be sent to the list owner to manually remove your email account.


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