FAQ: IC Email for Alumni

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Any matriculated student who attended Ithaca College for at least one semester after May 2013 is eligible for email from IC.


This article is intended for alumni.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is considered an alumni?

Any matriculated student who attended Ithaca College for at least one semester.

Who is eligible for an Ithaca College email account?

Alumni who left the college in May 2013 or later.

How often do alumni email passwords expire?

Every 365 days.

How can I change my password?

  • If you have an Ithaca College email account use Netpass Manager.
  • If you have an Ithaca College Netpass but not an Ithaca College email account, use Reset Password.

Will I receive a notice about my password expiring?

Yes, password expiration notices will come to your Ithaca College email account if you have one, or if not, to the email account you activated with.

Can I forward my IC email to another account?

Yes, per these instructions. Note that we don't recommend this. While it is more convenient to do so, it essentially leaves your IC account unattended, with less chance of discovery if the account gets hacked.

Will I have access to Canvas with my Ithaca email address?

No, Canvas is limited to currently enrolled students, unless you are invited to participate by a site owner.

Why do I keep getting messages from IC email lists (Simplelists)?

Alumni are not automatically removed from mailing lists that they were subscribed to as a student. Follow these steps to unsubscribe.

I am a former student who is now a faculty or staff member. Do I still retain my alumni status?

Yes, you always retain your alumni status, but you will have access to standard faculty and staff services.

What do I do if I can't access my account?

  • For problems with your IC email account, contact the IT Service Desk, 104 Job Hall, 607-274-1000, servicedesk@ithaca.edu.
  • For problems with your alumni account, use the Office of Alumni Relations support form.

I don’t want an Ithaca College email account. What do I do?

Send an email to servicedesk@ithaca.edu requesting that your account be deleted. You must, for verification purposes, send the message either from your Ithaca College email account or the alternate email account your IC email is associated with or forwarded to. Please note that email is a sub component of your alumni account. Please let us know if you want both your IC email AND your alumni account deleted. It is possible to delete the email account while retaining the alumni account itself. Keeping the alumni account provides these benefits:

  • Access to the alumni directory and alumni notes which include things like career changes, birth announcements and other notes submitted by alumni
  • Faster registration for alumni events without having to manually enter registration and contact info (though it is still possible to register for events without an account)


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