How to: Scan a Document to Email using a Xerox Scanner/Copier (Unofficial, IT)

This procedure will allow you to take a document that you have physically, scan it and send that document to a specified email address.


This article is intended for anyone who is attempting to scan a document to email using a Xerox scanner/copier. Although this process is specific to a Xerox Work Centre 5755, these steps may be comparable to another model of printer. 

Scanning a Document to Email using a Xerox Scanner/Copier

The scanner/copier will already be logged in with a "Guest" account (or log in)

If the scanner/copier isn't already at the home screen, Push the "Services Home" button located on the copier.

1Press the Email icon on the copier screen.

2. Add the email account that you want to send your scan to by Pressing "New Recipient"

Type in the full email address of which you wish to send the scan.

3. Press the (green) +Add icon next to the full email address to add the email to the copier then hit the close button to exit from that screen.

4. Place the document you wish to scan either in the holder on top of the copier (face up with the top of the document facing toward the feeder or Sideways)


Lift the top of the scanner and Place the document you wish to scan face down at the top right-most corner of the glass and then lower the top of the scanner.

5. Highlight (press) the email you added and then Push the bluish-green physical Start button to scan.


Your email will arrive in a couple minutes and will be from ( = (for example).






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