FAQ: Audio Video And Classroom Equipment


This article is intended for faculty and staff who use classrooms and presentation rooms.


Classrooms and Meeting rooms equipped with AV projection equipment with a main control panel. Problems with the Instructor computer may not be solvable by AV Services. Lab computers are not covered or able to be serviced by AV Services.


Why is my laptop not hooking up to the projector?

The projector equipment in the rooms can display from many different sources. Press the “Laptop” input button on the controller. Almost all systems are equipped with an HDMI cable with an adapter for connection with laptops.

The computer isn't on even though I hit the power button-- what should I do?

Sometimes the monitor gets turned off. Ensure that it is turned on. If there is still no picture, hold down the power button for the computer until all lights turn off on the tower. Then power it on normally. If it still does not come up, please call us at 607-274-1443 to report the issue. If you have a laptop, we advise using it in the meantime while we work to resolve the issue.

I am not hearing any audio. How do I fix this?

Volume on the computer, as well as on the main controller for the equipment in the room, affect how sound is output to the speakers. Check to ensure that volume is turned on for the computer, as well as turned up on the main controller in the room. Additionally, make sure that the correct audio output is selected on the computer. This can vary by system so please call AV Services and ask if you believe this is the case.

If using a Dell computer, click the speaker icon in the taskbar, click the arrow (Windows 11) or the current output (Windows 10) and choose a different output option. If using a Mac, click the toggle bar, click "sound", choose a different output option.

A loud bang just came from the projector. What happened?

Please report this issue to Audio Visual Services (607-274-1443). This is most likely the sound from a bulb in the projector breaking and we will come down to resolve the issue. Please note that due to liability reasons projector lamps cannot be changed during an ongoing or active class and must be done when classes are not in session (this can sometimes include class change periods).

The projector is not displaying an image, or is displaying a blue screen. How do I get something to display?

Some good first steps to take are:

  1. Ensuring that an input source (resident computer, laptop, document camera, Blu-ray player) is powered on
  2. Confirming that the input source on the control panel is selected
  3. Checking that the "picture mute" button is not selected

If none of the available inputs are displaying, please call the Audio Visual Services hotline (607-274-1443) for assistance.

The control panel is not functioning at all, not responding to button presses, and/or is displaying a bunch of red lights. What should I do?

Control panel functionality issues should be immediately reported to Audio Visual Services (607-274-1443) so that they can be addressed as soon as possible.


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