Microsoft Outlook Calendar Room Resources

A room resource is a special type of Outlook calendar that represents a room such as a meeting space, or sometimes a piece of equipment. These are resources that are managed by individual offices/departments, and are different from classrooms or public spaces managed by the the Registrar's Office, Campus Center and Event Services.

  • See related IC Workflow form to request a new room resource or changes to an existing one
  • There is no distinction between a room and a piece of equipment. They can be "invited" to meetings just like people.
  • The owner of a resource can customize the settings for the account.
  • Resources do not allow scheduling conflicts. If the resource already has an event scheduled for a particular time, no one else can "invite" the resource to another event.
  • Multiple resources can be invited to a meeting.


By default, anyone using Microsoft Outlook can schedule the resource. However, the owner can change this so that:

  • When someone includes the resource as an invitee to a meeting, the owner, or someone delegated by the owner, approves or denies the request
  • Viewing and scheduling of a resource is limited by permissions to specific people


In order to view the resource's calendar directly, the owner, or someone delegated by the owner, must give you access permissions.


Only the owner (or someone delegated by the owner) can adjust the settings for the resource. Owners can configure how the resource can be scheduled, including:

  • Automatic scheduling vs. request to schedule
  • Maximum meeting length
  • Whether recurring meetings are allowed

To configure the resource:

  1. Log in to Outlook on the Web.
  2. Click your profile photo in the top right of Outlook.
  3. Click Open another mailbox.
  4. Enter the room resource name (e.g. and click Open.
  5. Click  Settings.
  6. Type Calendar in the Search Outlook Settings box.
  7. Select Calendar appearance.
  8. Click Resource scheduling.
  9. Adjust scheduling options as desired.


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