This article is intended to be a quick guide to using MajorCool, a web interface for managing Majordomo mailing lists. A mailing list allows people to send email to one address, which resends that message to all of the other subscribers to the list. Ithaca College uses a Majordomo List server.




This article is intended for faculty, staff, students.

What is Majordomo?

Unlike traditional e-mail distribution lists, which must be manually maintained by one person, mailing list servers automate the process by allowing users to subscribe and unsubscribe themselves from mailing lists. List servers can also provide other convenient features, such as controlled list subscription, moderated lists, and archives of messages. Ithaca College's mailing list server is run by software called Majordomo (for which MajorCool is the Web interface). The list owner has a number of management responsibilities to ensure that the list runs smoothly, such as configuring the list and approving subscriptions. The list owner should also be familiar with mailing lists from the user's point of view.

As a list owner, the first thing that should be done is subscribing oneself to the new list. This will provide an opportunity to see the default welcome message for the list, to better determine what additional information to provide. Once this has been determined, a notification can be sent informing people that the list is available, and subscriptions can be accepted.

Using MajorCool

To use Majorcool:

  1. Visit the Majorcool E-Mail List Manager in a web browser.

At the top of Majorcool are three icons: Browse, Modify and Prefs:

  • Browse: Determine current Majordomo List subscription status, change subscriptions and discover information about various lists available on this server.
  • Modify: Manage any Majordomo lists available for administration. Modify the list configuration file, maintain the subscriber list, and edit other supporting files.
  • Pref: Customize the MajorCool user interface and its interaction with Majordomo.


To use the Browse interface:

  1. Enter the administrator’s email address in the email textbox.
  2. Adjacent to the Browse Which Lists? radio buttons, select Subscribed, Unsubscribed, or All.
  3. Find a specific list by checking the Find radio button and entering part or the entire name of the list in the Find textbox.
  4. Check Exact Match to receive only the lists matching the exact text entered in the Find textbox.
  5. Check QuickView if you want to disable the subscribe and unsubscribe feature.
  6. Click Go.

A list of applicable mailing lists will be displayed.

To subscribe to a list:

  1. Check a list name under the Sub? heading.
  2. Click Apply.

To list details or modify a list:

  1. Click a list name under the Sub? heading.

Using the List Manager

Once a list has been selected, MajorCool will display details about the list. These details include the name and description of the list, the list address and list owner, whether individuals can subscribe and/or unsubscribe themselves, and whether you are already subscribed to this list. From this form, MajorCool allows users to subscribe to or unsubscribe from the list by clicking Apply.

Other Details

From Other Details, a user can view a list of all the people subscribed to the list, the list's "Info" file, and the list's "Intro" file, unless the list owner has disabled this feature. Check the desired category, and then click Browse to display the information.

Modifying List Options

There are two ways to get to the administration section of MajorCool:

  1. Click Modify on the MajorCool main page.
  2. Enter the list name and password.
  3. Select what to administer and click Go.
  4. Select an administration function:
    • List Subscribers: View and add or delete list subscribers.
    • Configuration Options: View and edit various options including list description, subscribe and unsubscribe policy, administration password and others.
    • List Info File: View and edit the Info file for the list. The Info file is sent to all new subscribers and can be requested at any time. This file should include a description of the list purpose and any policies of which subscribers should be aware.
    • List Intro File: An optional file that is sent to all new subscribers. The file can include a welcome message or other information. If no Intro file is used, the Info file will be used instead.
    • Approval Queue: List any messages awaiting administrator's approval. Depending on how the list is configured, messages may need to be approved before being distributed to list subscribers. Waiting messages can be viewed and approved or rejected from here. Each of the administration sections includes a short list of instructions on its use.

The second method to access the administration section:

  1. Visit List Details.
  2. At the bottom, enter the administration password for the selected list.
  3. Click Modify.
  4. Configuration Options will open.

Changing Preferences

  1. Click Prefs on the MajorCool main page.

Settings are available to control the administration keyboard help, sorting options and the method MajorCool displays options such as Browse and Modify.


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