SPSS Statistics


SPSS Statistics is a statistical analysis program containing a full suite of analysis tools and allows for multiple types of output. All installations of SPSS Statistics include three modules: Base, Advanced, and Regression.


This article is for students and faculty.


Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS


To purchase or renew an SPSS Statistics license, fill out the SPSS Order/Renewal Service Request.

Academic departments may purchase a yearly network license from IT or purchase the software individually directly from SPSS or one of their providers. Each network license through IT allows SPSS to be installed on a single computer. The network license cost is much less then what an individual can purchase, but has some constraints associated with it:

  • Ithaca College has an SPSS "network" license for teaching and non-commercial academic research only; administrative departments must purchase SPSS directly from IBM/SPSS on their own (see Other SPSS Statistics License Options at bottom of page).
  • The network license requires that the computer on which the software is installed be connected directly to the campus wired, or the IthacaCollege wireless network. When you need to use SPSS away from campus, see Using SPSS Statistics Away from the Ithaca College Network, below.
  • Subscriptions are only valid for the period from June 1 - May 31, must be renewed yearly, and are NOT pro-rated.

Installing New Software or Renewed License on your Device

Once you have completed the SPSS Statistics license purchase or renewal process, you will receive a notification from the Endpoint Administrators that your license is queued to your device (listed by serial number/asset tag). SPSS will be automatically deployed to your machine, however if you do not see the application installed on your computer, you may follow the steps below to ensure SPSS or its license update is received on your device. 

       Note: For Windows, similar to the manual steps below, the automatic deployment requires being connected to the GlobalProtect VPN, typically for up to two hours.

Windows 10

  1. Plug in your machine to a power source, if it is not already plugged in.
  2. Connect to the IthacaCollege secure wireless network, or plug in an Ethernet cable. Be sure that your computer has not automatically connected to IthacaCollege-Guest.
         Note: If you are not on campus, please follow the steps in our Knowledge Base Article to get GlobalProtect VPN installed, and log in.
  3. Open the Start Menu in the bottom left of your screen.
  4. Expand Microsoft System Center and Click Software Center in the list of Applications on the Start Menu.
  5. Under the Applications tab, Click IBM SPSS Statistics 
  6. Click Install to begin the SPSS installation



  1. Plug in your machine to a power source, if it is not already plugged in.
  2. Open Finder in your dock.
  3. On the menu bar at the top of your screen, click Go, then click Applications.
  4. Double click to open Self Service in the list. It is a rounded, multi-colored square icon.
  5. Log In using your NetPass credentials.
  6. Click Apps - Licensed Category on the left hand sidebar of Self Service.
  7. Click Install under SPSS.


Using SPSS Statistics Away from the Ithaca College Network

There are two options for using SPSS Statistics software when away from campus:

GlobalProtect VPN

Run SPSS from an off-campus Internet connection in conjunction with GlobalProtect software. GlobalProtect is a VPN (virtual private network) tool that allows you to use a non-IC Internet connection to access certain Ithaca College resources as if you were on campus. GlobalProtect can be used with personal or college computers. For more information about installing, configuring, and using GlobalProtect, check out our Quick Guide: GlobalProtect VPN Setup.

Commuter License

Run SPSS with no Internet connection using an SPSS commuter license. A commuter license allows you to "check out" a license while on campus or when using a GlobalProtect connection, then disconnect from the Internet and use SPSS for up to 7 days without a network connection.

Using a Commuter License

While the computer is connected to the IC network (or using a GlobalProtect VPN connection) follow these steps:

For Microsoft Windows:

  1. Click the  Start Menu → SPSS for Windows → SPSS Commuter License.
  2. In the window that opens, click on your version of SPSS Statistics to highlight it.
  3. Enter the number of days, up to 7, that you would like to use the commuter license in the Duration textbox.
  4. Click Check Out and then click Exit.

For Apple macOS:

  1. Click Applications → SPSSInc → Statistics → SPSS Statistics → Commute License Utility.
  2. In the window that opens, click on your version of SPSS Statistics to highlight it.
  3. Enter the number of days, up to 7, that you would like to use the commuter license in the Duration textbox.
  4. Click Check Out and then click Exit.

You can now disconnect from the Internet and launch the SPSS Statistics program and use it without an Internet connection for the number of days specified during check out.

Commuter License Tips

  • If your commuter license expires you can connect to the Internet again to check out another commuter license.
  • Remember to check in your license (using the "Check In" button following the same steps as shown above) if you use it for less time than specified during check out. This makes the license available to other users who may need it.
  • Commuter licenses are available on a "first come, first served" basis. The check-out screen will indicate how many, if any, licenses are available for check out.

Lab and Classroom Access

SPSS Statistics is installed in all IT managed labs and eClassrooms. SPSS Statistics, with Base, Advanced and Regression, is installed on Windows computers in IT-managed labs and Classrooms by default. 

Other SPSS Statistics License Options

  •  SPSS Statistics Student Versions for Microsoft Windows
  •  SPSS Statistics Faculty Pack: Available to IC faculty for a $274.00 + $4.99 Download Fee (as of 5/7/14). This is a single-user 12-month subscription license rental which does not require an Internet connection for use (other than to download and register the software). This option includes several SPSS modules (including AMOS) and may be appropriate for laptop users who regularly need to use SPSS Statistics when no network connection is available. Note: The AMOS module - Analysis of Moment Structures - is NOT included in the Mac version of the SPSS Faculty Pack as of 5/7/13.
  • SPSS for Administrative and other Non-Academic Users: Administrative and other non-academic users who wish to use SPSS must purchase single-user licenses directly from IBM/SPSS. The college's network license is limited to academic teaching and research use only.  To obtain pricing or to place an order, contact Terence Mangahasm, IBM Acquisitions Subscription and Support, at txm@us.ibm.com or call SPSS at 1-877-426-3774


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