FAQ: Taskstream and ePortfolios

This is a frequently asked questions (FAQ) list regarding Taskstream and ePortfolios.

How do I get to Taskstream?

All faculty and students have access to Taskstream.

  1. Log in to ICC Electronic Learning Portfolio with your Netpass username and password.
  2. Click Taskstream.

I am a Teacher Education student and already purchased a LiveText account. What do I do?

Nothing yet. We are working with LiveText, Taskstream and the Teacher Education program to determine what data (if any) needs to be moved to Taskstream. We also need to determine a time frame and a process for this work. In the meantime, you can continue to use LiveText to build your personal portfolio.

Will Taskstream be integrated with Sakai?

Probably not. Faculty may be able to put a link into the Sakai course to direct students to Taskstream but there is currently no way to submit one assignment and have it available with one click in Sakai and Taskstream. Faculty members will tell students where the assignments need to be submitted.

Can faculty create a sample ePortfolio in Taskstream?

Yes, all faculty have accounts and can create a "personal" portfolio in Taskstream.

I need more than 2 GB of storage space in Taskstream, what do I do?

First, be aware that Taskstream allows you to link to digital media located in other services like YouTube, Flickr etc. It is a best practice to upload large files elsewhere and link to them. But, if you still need more storage space, contact Taskstream directly.

My program wants to use Taskstream for assessment. What do I do?

Contact Danette Johnson, djohnson@ithaca.edu with your request. You will need to determine who the administrative coordinator is (Taskstream Coordinator). Once identified, Danette will contact Taskstream so that the Taskstream Coordinator can get the right access to the system. The Taskstream Coordinator will then need to input the rubrics, create the structure of the directed response folio (DRF) and enroll the students in the DRF. Since this process takes time, new DRFs will be made available to the students at the start of every semester.

Will faculty be able to have a task stream account to use for demos?

Yes, all faculty have accounts and can create a "demo" folio in Taskstream and either share it publicly or share it with individual students.

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