Employment Verification Services via The Work Number

Do you need to verify your employment or income status to receive a loan, buy a new car, or to obtain a new apartment? Ithaca College is excited to partner with The Work Number, offered through Equifax, to provide an employment verification service available 24/7 to our employees and verification partners. IC faculty, staff and student employees can access The Work Number to download employment, income and social services verifications.

Please note, employees who wish to receive a written verification letter to verify employment or income (and student employees who wish to receive a letter verifying Federal Work Study status) may contact their HR Business Partner.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness, Social Security Number application, and Proof of Work Study forms cannot be completed through The Work Number. Please email HumanResources@Ithaca.edu for these requests. Likewise, employment and income information for College affiliates cannot be provided by The Work Number or Human Resources. Requests should be submitted via the sourcing party. 


Part 1: Logging In

Part 2: Requesting Verifications

Part 3: Former Employees

Part 4: IC Departments Receiving Verification Requests


Part 1: Logging In

First Time Account Registration

  1. To begin, you will be asked to create your account through The Work Number website, linked here.
  2. Click Sign Up and select Not a Robot.
  3. Enter IC’s Company Code: 29391. Alternatively, you may search for Ithaca College.
  4. Select Register Now. You will be required to provide additional data (including address, phone number, email address) for authentication, and you will need to complete a one-time password challenge. After authenticating, you will create a personal User ID and Password.

If you are not initially presented with the Register Now option or need login assistance, you can call the Client Service Center at 800-996-7566.


Logging In – Returning Users

  1. Enter the personal user ID and password you previously created. If you’ve forgotten your user ID or password, select Forgot User ID or Forgot Password to re-authenticate and complete a one-time passcode challenge.

Please remember your personal user ID and personal password. The Work Number has stringent security standards in place to safeguard your data.

Part 2: Request/Complete Verifications

To obtain proof of employment only:

  1. Give the following information to the entity requesting proof of employment (the verifier). They will contact The Work Number to complete your employment verification.
  • Your Social Security Number
  • The Work Number phone: 1-800-367-5690.
  • The Work Number website: www.theworknumber.com
  • Ithaca College Employer Code: 29391

To obtain proof of employment plus income:

  1. Use the instructions for obtaining proof of employment.
  2. Verifiers will request a “salary key,” which grants access to secured income information. A Salary Key is a 6-digit number that expires after 30 days and can only be used once by the entity requesting proof of employment/income. After the salary key is created you will be able to give the company or verifier access to your income information.
    1. A Salary Key authorization is provided by the employee. Employees may get a Salary Key by visiting www.theworknumber.com or calling the client service center 1-800-996-7566.

You can also run your own employment verification at any time when you log into The Work Number, and you can freeze your data at any time.

Employment Data Report

Your Employment Data Report (EDR) includes all the employment information that Ithaca College has provided to The Work Number. It also includes information about the verifiers that have requested your data in the past 24 months. Great care has been taken to report this information correctly.

You can access you Employment Data Report to review your data or to share your data in an official document for verification purposes (to include in a job application, to provide to a landlord, to apply for a loan or public assistance, etc).

Freeze Your Data

An employment data freeze is one step you can take to help prevent access to your employment data. It’s free to place or remove a data freeze. Please note that if you place a freeze, verifiers will not be to view your Work Number data. You must remove the freeze if you want certain third parties to access your information.

Part 3: Former Employees

Former employees may utilize The Work Number if their employment ended in 2021 or later. If you terminated prior to 2021, please contact HumanResources@Ithaca.edu to obtain an employment verification.

Part 4: IC Departments Receiving Requests for Verification:

Per College policy, all requests for employment and income verification should go through Human Resources. When you receive requests from verifiers, please follow these steps:

  • Calls or written requests: Please refer verification requests to www.theworknumber.com or 1-800
  • Faxed Requests: Please send any faxed or mailed requests to Human Resources.

If you have questions about a request, please do not hesitate to contact Payroll Services at Payroll@Ithaca.edu.


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