Change company name to Ithaca College in Adobe Sign

Ithaca College purchases Adobe licenses through a consortium called Nercomp in order to receive a larger discount. To that end some of the configuration in Adobe has the company name listed as NERCOMP - Ithaca College.

If you are using Adobe sign then you should change the name in two places to Ithaca College otherwise emails sent via sign might show a return address of NERCOMP - Ithaca College instead of just Ithaca College.

To change the company name:

1) browse to and login with your Ithaca College email. When presented with the choice at login, select Company or School Account. After logging in click on your name in the top right corner of the screen and select My Profile. Next click Edit Profile. Where it says Company make sure it says Ithaca College and not NERCOMP - Ithaca College and click SAVE.

2) Next, add Ithaca College as the company name in your adobe creative cloud account by browsing to 

If prompted, sign in using your email and make sure to select Company or School Account. Under your name in the top right corner click on Manage Account, then on the next screen under your name select Edit profile. In the Public profile section on the next screen add Ithaca College in the Company field if it isn't already there and click Save.

You have now completed changing the company name in adobe sign to Ithaca College.


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Wed 3/23/22 4:15 PM
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