Hello Canvas Faculty Quick Guide

Hello Canvas! Faculty Quick Guide


This article is intended for faculty


Canvas LMS

Step 1: Getting to Canvas

Web address: canvas.ithaca.edu or click on Canvas from the apps.ithaca.edu page

For help getting into Canvas, contact IT Services:

Phone: (607) 274-1000

Chat:     ithaca.edu/itchat

Email:   servicedesk@ithaca.edu

Step 2: Getting Started in Canvas

You can explore on your own and/or use the following resources to get started.

You can explore Canvas on your own and/or use the following resources to get started.

  • Open Canvas and follow the Welcome Tour  
    • From the Help menu, click on “Show Welcome Tour” and follow the navigation prompts.
  • Visit the Canvas Resources @ IC course (also found in the Help menu of Canvas)
    • Visit the course: https://canvas.ithaca.edu/courses/3270/ or click on the Help menu in Canvas and select Canvas Resources @ IC
    • Suggested learning paths, Steps to building a course in canvas, Understanding the Sakai to Canvas migration, and more curated resources to support faculty with the transition to Canvas.



Step 3: Build your Courses

The IC Canvas environment is still being developed and is under construction until its official launch on August 9, 2021. If you work on your courses over the summer, you may notice some minor revisions or changes in the system. The changes should not be a major disruption to any course content you are developing.

  • Start from Scratch
    • Fall 2021 course shells have been auto-created with the course roster and the IC Design Template and Course Blueprint applied. Sample modules are also provided with instructions and a guide to using the blueprint.
  • Copy from Course Migration
    • Fall 2020, Winter 2021, and Spring 2021 courses were migrated in June. All Summer 2021 and a limited number of special requests will be migrated in August. Copy or import the content from your old Sakai course(s) into your Fall course shells with the IC Blueprint and Design Template.


Step 4: Getting Help from Canvas Support

Start with the Canvas resources listed in the Canvas Resources @ IC course. If you need help, contact Canvas Support - available 24/7/365 for all Canvas-related questions or issues. 

  • Visit the Canvas Help menu for access to Chat, Support Hotline (phone number), and Email Support


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