File Storage Options

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File storage locations should be decided by file type and usage.


For the storage of documents, and to share with both internal and external clients: 

For collaboration of documents and files, and to share with both internal and external clients: 

Media Files

Media file storage depends on a number of different factors. These include:

  • Will the file be stored only or will it also need to be viewed/streamed?
  • Are there associated files, such as caption or transcript files?
  • Is the file for internal use only (within IC community) or will it be shared outside of IC?
Tool File Ownership Internal Sharing External Sharing Audio Files Streaming (with captions)
Kaltura ( individual yes yes yes yes
Microsoft Stream individual; group/team yes no no yes
Microsoft SharePoint group/team yes yes yes no
Microsoft OneDrive individual yes yes yes no
Forms, Surveys, and Quizzes

For files that can be converted into digital forms (such as inaccessible PDF forms), or to create quizzes or surveys, the following tools are available: 

Scholarly Articles 

The Ithaca College Library manages and curates Digital Commons IC, an online platform that makes a wide range of content available to the public. Visit the Digital Commons Library Guide for more information about the types of material housed here and how to contribute.


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