Moving Sakai Project Sites

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Project sites that are still active can be moved to another platform. The following questions might help you determine how to pick the most appropriate new home for your project site:

  • What is the project site used for? 
  • What are the alternatives to Sakai? 
  • What tools do you use in Sakai?

What is the project site used for?

Project sites are used for many purposes. The following table provides some suggestions for moving project sites created for specific purposes.

Examples Solution
Committees, business units, academic units, research projects, and ad-hoc working groups Microsoft Teams
Short-term and long-term document storage, department file storage  Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft OneDrive
Student employment, training, and student employee schedules Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Forms
Microsoft Shifts
Student organization communication, collaboration, and event promotion  IC Engage
Microsoft Teams
Scholarly output of faculty, students, and staff  Digital Commons

What tools do you use in Sakai?

Not all tools in Sakai will have a direct replacement solution. Below is a listing of commonly used tools in Sakai and their replacements, if available.

Tool Replacement
  • Microsoft Teams announcements
  • Email distribution list (Majordomo)
Chat Room; Messages
  • Microsoft Teams offers 1-1, group, or team-based, real-time conversations
  • Email distribution list (Majordomo)
  • Office 365 distribution list
  • Microsoft Teams
Forms or Polls
  • Microsoft Forms for most self-service forms, polls, surveys, and quizzes
  • Formstack for more advanced data collection
  • There is no direct migration path. Microsoft Teams can replace the conversation aspect of a forum.
  • Microsoft SharePoint pages; “for creating content modules and sequences; can be organized by week or unit”
  • Microsoft OneNote Classroom notebook
Media Gallery
  • Kaltura and Microsoft Stream for uploading and streaming of media content
  • Microsoft SharePoint offers media gallery capabilities for media embedded from Kaltura and Microsoft Stream
  • Microsoft Teams offers announcement features
  • Microsoft SharePoint offers internal news sharing capabilities
  • Microsoft OneDrive for personal files
  • Microsoft Teams or SharePoint for team-based files
  • Microsoft SharePoint for long-term data retention or sharing documents publicly
  • Digital Commons for scholarly documents
  • Microsoft Bookings offers scheduling for individuals or groups.
Web Content
  • Microsoft Teams via the website tab within a team
  • Microsoft SharePoint via the pages feature (internal content)
  • Drupal for external (public content)
  • There is no direct migration path. Microsoft SharePoint pages can replace the webpage aspect of a wiki
  • Microsoft OneNote and Word can also provide a collaborative environment for content

What are the alternatives to Sakai?

Ithaca College now offers many options for digital collaboration and file storage.

Solution Features
Digital Commons Scholarly document storage for external (public) consumption
Drupal Public-facing web content
Formstack Advanced data collection in forms or surveys
IC Engage Intranet for student organizations and student-led events
Kaltura (

Video and audio storage and management
Streaming media

Majordomo  Email distribution list
Microsoft Bookings  Web-based booking calendar
Schedule and manage appointments or services
Microsoft Forms  Data collection (forms, surveys, polls, quizzes)
Microsoft OneDrive  1 TB of personal file storage
External file-sharing/ collaboration
Microsoft OneNote  Digital note-taking application
Organize personal and team notes
Incorporate text, pictures, tables, drawings, files and more
Microsoft SharePoint  Document storage
25 TB storage per site
External file-sharing/ collaboration
Microsoft Shifts in Teams  Schedule management tool
Create, update, and manage work-schedules for a team
Microsoft Stream  Video and audio storage and management (internal to the IC organization)
Streaming media
Microsoft Teams  Communication and collaboration platform for Office 365
1-1, group, and team-based chat
Audio and video calling
Online meeting and web conferencing
Document storage and collaboration
25 TB storage per team
External file-sharing/ collaboration
OneDrive integration
Microsoft To Do  Task management application
Create personal to-do lists, track deadlines
Manage your flagged Outlook email

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