Reports in IC Finance Cloud


Any employee that is granted account inquiry access in IC Finance Cloud will also have the ability to run reports. Follow the instructions in this article to access financial reports.



This article is intended for all faculty and staff.



IC Finance Cloud



  • Navigate to Financial Reports


Navigate to Financial Reports


To access financial reports in IC Finance Cloud:


Fig. 1 IC Finance Cloud home page, Tools tab near top of screen, Reports and Analytics app in middle of screen under Apps


1. On the IC Finance Cloud home page, click the Tools tab, then click the Reports and Analytics app.

2. On the Reports and Analytics page, click the Browse Catalog button in the top right corner to access folders containing reports. This will open a new tab in your browser window.

3. On the left side of the screen in the new tab that appears, click in Folders to navigate to Shared Folders -> Custom -> Financials -> Campus Financial Reports. A list of available reports will appear in the middle of the screen. To return to this list at any time, click Catalog near the top of the screen.

4. To access any report, click Open on the corresponding line for the report you would like to run. Below is a list of available reports.

  • P Card and T Card Transactions Report - Current and prior credit card activity from Expenses module
  • Purchase Order Report - Current and prior purchase order information from Procurement module
  • Departmental Activity Report - High-level, Year-to-Date overview of account activity
  • Funds Available Dashboard - Multi-functional tool for viewing funds availability information and transaction details
  • Account Segments Report - Displays account segment values and their associated names
  • Payments Report - Payments issued, searchable by Date, Supplier, Invoice Number, and Purchase Order Number



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