Ordering from the Warehouse


Certain common items such as copy paper, batteries, hand sanitizer, and face masks are available on campus and should be ordered through the Ithaca College Warehouse. This article includes ordering instructions and a list of items available from the Warehouse.



This article is intended for all faculty and staff.



IC Finance Cloud




Ordering Supplies from the Warehouse Inventory


Fig. 1 IC Finance Cloud home page, Supply Chain Execution tab near top of screen, Inventory Management app in middle of screen under Apps


To order items from the Warehouse:


1. On the IC Finance Cloud home page, click the Supply Chain Execution tab, then click the Inventory Management app.

2. On the right hand side of the Inventory Management screen, click the Tasks button, then click Manage Movement Requests.


Fig. 2 Inventory Management Screen, Tasks button on right side of screen, Manage Movement Requests appears in pane after clicking Tasks button


3. On the Manage Movement Requests screen, Click the icon under Search Results. The Movement Request section will appear at the top of the screen.

Fig. 3 Manage Movement Requests screen, clicking Plus icon under Search Results initiates a new request for an order from the Warehouse Inventory


4. In the Description field, type any unique information for your order. By default, an order will be delivered to whoever places it. If you would like your items delivered elsewhere, enter the location here.

5. Click the calendar icon in the Required Date field to select the date and time when you need your order delivered.

6. Click the Transaction Type dropdown menu and select Movement Request Issue.

7. Click the Source Subinventory dropdown menu and select Inventory.

8. In the Destination Account field, click the icon to the right of the field or type to enter the chargeback account number to bill for your order.

9. On the left side of the screen, click the Actions dropdown menu and click Create. In the Line field, type the Inventory Number for the item you would like to order (Inventory Numbers are listed in the Inventory Item Menu below). Click the Actions dropdown menu and click View Item Availability to check that the item is in stock. If there is not enough stock, you can still place your order, but the item may be on back order and will not be delivered until new stock has arrived. Click Done to proceed. Complete the Requested Quantity, Transaction Type, Required Date, and UoM Name fields (UoM stands for Unit of Measure). Repeat this step for each item you would like to include in your order.

10. In the top right corner of the screen, either click the Save button if you would like to save your order and come back to it later, or click the Submit button to forward your order to the Warehouse team for processing.




IC Warehouse Inventory Item Menu


Personal Protective Equipment

Inventory Number Description Unit of Measure Price
C070988 Sanitizing Wipes, 110/container Each $10.70
C070989 3-Ply Procedural Mask, Disposable 50/Box $5.50
C070990 Hand Sanitizer, 70% Ethyl Alcohol – 8oz. Each $2.99
C070991 Vinyl Exam Glove (Powder Free), Small 100/Box $5.20
C070992 Vinyl Exam Glove (Powder Free), Medium 100/Box $5.20
C070993 Vinyl Exam Glove (Powder Free), Large 100/Box $5.20
C070994 Vinyl Exam Glove (Powder Free), X-Large 100/Box $5.20
C070995 Iso Gown, Unisize 10/Pack $19.90
C070996 Iso Gown, 3XL 10/Pack $4.80
C070997 IC Print Shop Face Covering, Individually Wrapped Each $0.25
C070999 PPE Face Shield Each $1.25

Office Supplies

Inventory Number Description Unit of Measure Price
F070503 Packing Boxes, 12” x 12” x 17” Each $1.65
F070505 Packing Tape, 2” Each $2.22
E080376 Battery, AAA Each $0.22
E080377 Battery, AA Each $0.22
E080378 Battery, C Each $0.57
E080380 Battery, D Each $0.74
E080475 Battery, 9V Each $1.19
F070626 Campus Maps 25/pack $0.00

Testing Supplies

Inventory Number Description Unit of Measure Price
F070500 Exam Books 50/pack $7.57
F070501 Exam Sheets, Blue, 200 Questions 500/pack $49.50
F070502 Exam Sheets, Green, 120 Questions 500/pack $48.00
F070506 Exam Sheets, Charcoal 500/pack $37.68
F070540 Grade Book, 4 Weeks Each $2.47



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